Friday, November 18, 2016

All About Easy Truck Mobile Storage

When it comes to moving out and transferring to another place, many people really have a hard time packing their belongings and making sure they are all transported safely to the new place. One other problem most people encounter when moving out is where to put particular belongings that are currently not in use. Fortunately, there is a company that offer both moving and storage services.

About Easy Truck Mobile Storage

Easy Truck Mobile Storage first started in 2009. It was only providing moving services then. However, in 2013, Easy Truck Mobile Storage started providing storage services as well. The company is based in Dubai and is being managed by husband and wife Chris and Natalie Humphrey. Today, Easy Truck Mobile Storage is one of the best and most trusted storage and moving company known in Dubai with over 30,000 sqft air-conditioned facilities.

Easy Truck Mobile Storage Solutions

Easy Truck Mobile Storage provides several different solutions that will fit your needs when it comes to moving and storing your belongings. Check them out below:

- Mobile Self Storage. This is a unique and easy way to pack and store your belongings. With this service, people can save time, money and effort as there will be no need to hire a separate or different moving company, you do not have to transfer you belongings to a storage facility once loaded to the POD, no lock in contracts and you can move your things faster and safer.

- Local moving services. This is a trusted service that Easy Truck Mobile Storage offers. You will never have to worry about all those packing, loading and unpacking of things because the professionals from Easy Truck Mobile Storage can do these all for you. They can help you disassemble your furniture and load them to the storage truck and help you reassemble them once you get to the new place.

- Commercial Storage. If your business or company needs storage services, then Easy Truck Mobile Storage is your answer. The company boasts of this simple, convenient and cost-effective storage service for commercial clients.

Contacting Easy Truck Mobile Storage

If you want to know more about the services being offered by Easy Truck Mobile Storage, you can check out their website which has all the information you need such as their phone number, email address, office address and more. You can also leave a message through their contact from provided on their website.

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