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A Look At UltraCool’s Oil Cooler Products

well-known manufacturer and dealer of Harley-Davidson parts and supplies

A Harley-Davidson can be considered a status symbol. But aside from this usual perception, owning a Harley comes with a variety of remarkable benefits as well. This brand of motorbike offers smooth and safe rides, both for short and long road trips. They are great to ride on, too, whether you will be on a smooth road or a rough one.

To make sure that your Harley live up to its name and to ensure you can enjoy more rides on it, you will have to consider investing in some useful parts and accessories. These additional supplies can help your bike be more reliable and safer. They will also ensure that your bike will give you more years and miles of road journeys.

Preventing Harley-Davidson Engine Heating Issues

Overheating is one of the usual problems Harleys and other brands and models of motorbikes have. The usual signs that your Harley engine is overheating include:

• You feel heat coming off from the engine
• The engine is pinging in stop and go traffic
• The rear cylinder keeps shutting down on its own
• The oil temperature typically runs hotter than 250°

Excessive heat destroys the properties in your oil and the longevity of your bike’s engine. It is definitely one of the leading causes of engine failure and damage. 

Leading manufacturer and dealer of Harley-Davidson parts and supplies

Oil Coolers For Your Harley’s Engine
The right oil cooling system can save your engine from heating issues. UltraCool is one of the leading brands that have a great range of oil coolers specifically designed and produced for Harley-Davidson engines. These top-notch oil coolers can lower your motorcycle oil temperature up to 50 degrees and effectively save your bike from overheating.

A complete Harley Davidson oil cooler kit includes:

• Chrome Cover
• Oil Adapter
• Dual Fans
• Wiring Harness
• Thermal Switch with Wire
• 17 Row Cooler
• Braided Oil Lines
• L.E.D. Light
• Mounting Bracket
• Fitting Tool

These parts can also be bought individually.

UltraCool’s Harley coolers have 190 CFM dual fans and a thermal switch that activates the fans when your oil reaches 210° degrees.  The goal of this cooling system is to control and maintain your oil temperature at its earliest stage to effectively protect your engine and your bike

UltraCool’s oil cooler kits are available for the following Harley-Davidson models:

• Dyna
• Softail
• Trike

trusted  manufacturer and dealer of Harley-Davidson parts

About UltraCool

UltraCool Oil Cooling Systems is a highly-regarded manufacturer and distributor of oil coolers and various Harley-Davidson parts. Their main headquarters is located in Hollister, California. The company also works with various partner dealers to bring their products to the thousands of Harley owners.

Learn more about the oil cooling systems of UltraCool on their website.

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