Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Pathway Project: Enabling Individuals To Unlock Their Potentials

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Everyone will experience a burnout at one point or another in their life. Whether you are working, an entrepreneur, or even a student, because of your regular hectic schedule and workload, you will feel burnt out.

A burnout can come in various manifestations. These include:

• Feelings of frequent boredom
• Inability to concentrate
• Feelings of exhaustion and inefficacy
• Lack of motivation
• Neglecting your personal needs

These feelings and attitudes can lead you to perform poorly in your work or studies. If you are a business owner, they will have different negative effects on your company and employees as well. As such, if you think or feel that you are experiencing a burnout or on the verge of doing so and don’t know how to stop or avoid it, to prevent its effect from spilling into your work, venture, or studies, you can consider getting help from executive coaches who will guide and aid you in unlocking your potentials to deal with and overcome this problem.
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The Pathway Project
The Pathway Project (TPP) was founded by Salma El-Shurafa, an executive coach. TPP is a creative coaching practice based in Dubai. The practice focuses on giving top-notch executive leadership and career development coaching for individuals, entrepreneurs, organizations, and government bodies.

TPP boasts of and draws on a combined 30 years of extensive experience as HR professionals and coaches who excel in navigating the dynamic global UAE market. All their services and coaching programs are client-focused and are designed to push growth and excellence by helping the individual acquire a thorough understanding of themselves and their environment.

They use only proven assessment tools and questioning techniques to enable clients to test boundaries and get them to start thinking outside the box. TPP’s coaching processes are designed to assist you in carving out a path to achieving the performance and results you require to succeed in a competitive market.

Salma works with Veronique Ademar, their team, and CareerJoy (a well-known Canadian career and leadership coaching company) to provide personalised programs and solutions to all their clients.

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Coaching Programs For Individuals And Entrepreneurs

If you want to achieve an improved personal impact and performance in your current job, boost your confidence and motivation, or be well-prepared for a new career path, TPP’s programs and assessment tools can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Their services and programs ideal for employees and entrepreneurs include:

• Leadership Identity
• Career Transition
• Career Identity
• Executive Coaching

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Coaching Programs And Services For Students

If you have recently graduated or currently an active student looking to gain insight on the next steps in your career path, TPP has different programs that can enable you to recognize and capitalize on your talents, skills, strengths and potentials and develop a strategy to allow you to move forward.

Their programs and services include:

• Student Career Identity
• Graduate Transition
• Professional CV Writing

Whether you want to get out of a rut or burnout or want to unlock your potentials to be better and be happy with what you do, let the executive coaches of The Pathway Project help you.

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