Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Look At The Website Of GoAerials

Trusted provider of professional aerial filming, cinematography, and photography services
Real estate. Schools. Hotels and resorts. Golf courses. Engineering and contracting firms. These are just some of the businesses or organisations that usually require various attractive photos which they can use for promotional and marketing campaigns. These photographs will be used or posted on the company’s website, brochures, posters, and other promotional tools online and offline. These images need to be beautiful so that they can capture the interest of a viewer or reader.

To better showcase your property or business and to give viewers a more complete view of the whole space, aerial photos are recommended. With these images, there is wider coverage and they can give viewers a grander view as well. And aside from being used as images in promotional or marketing materials, they can also be utilised in videos as well – a popular type of content today.

leading provider of aerial filming, cinematography, and photography services


If you’re looking for help with getting only the best aerial views for your photography or video needs, GoAerials can be your best partner.

GoAerials is a company based in Dubai that works extensively throughout the UAE, GCC, and other areas to deliver world-class aerial filming and cinematography. The expert team of this company works only with the best helicopter operator, pilots, and equipment houses to make sure every shoot is safe and goes smooth and at the same time, provide the results the client asks for.

GoAerials are highly seasoned and trained in the aviation environment. As such, their team are experts when it comes to safely planning all their photography and film shoots. Safety is the company’s top priority and they ensure all their filming projects follow strict operational and safety policies and procedures.

With their passion for aviation and an experienced eye for aerial filming, GoAerials is always in a good position to capture and create breath-taking images and footages.

GoAerials’ headquarters is located at Office 308, Commercial Building 4, Dubai Studio City, Dubai, UAE. GoAerials is a division of Alkatraz Production. 

reputable provider of aerial filming, cinematography, and photography services


GoAerials offer the following services:

• Helicopter charter
• Drone work (RPAS / UAV)
• Aerial filming permits
• Camera equipment
• Ground and support equipment
• Crew
• Logistics

Their line-up of aerial filming equipment available in Dubai includes:

• Cineflex V14, Elite and Ultra
• Shotover F1 and K1
• Versatile RPAS/UAV drone systems capable of carrying RED

They provide aerial production services for:

• Feature films
• TV commercials
• Documentaries
• Events
• Stills photography
• Architectural progression photography

Get more details about these services on

GoAerials’ Website

GoAerials’ website showcases a number of the best aerial images and footages they have captured and produced. You will definitely be impressed with their completed projects. Their site also loads fast and the videos play easily as well.

You will also find all the information you need about the company and the services they provide on the site. As websites go, GoAerials’ site is complete, detailed, and highly impressive.

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