Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cortec Middle East: The Leader In Corrosion Protection Technology And Solutions

leading manufacturer and distribution of corrosion technology and products
There are different types of corrosion. They are categorized depending on the cause of the metal’s chemical deterioration. The types of corrosion include general or uniform attack, localized, galvanic, environmental cracking, and flow-assisted corrosion or FAC.

Regardless of the type, metal corrosion can be a serious problem among property owners and even manufacturers and suppliers. The integrity and safety of houses, buildings, and other structures can be compromised if there is corrosion. They will also look less appealing. Manufacturers and suppliers will just have wasted money in buying and storing building and construction supplies that have corroded since they most likely won’t be purchased by customers anymore.

Preventing corrosion, therefore, is a priority of many people. Knowing the right products and strategies that can help prevent corrosion is a good start to achieving this crucial goal. 

trusted manufacturer and distribution of corrosion technology and products

About Cortec Middle East

Cortec Middle East is the regional office of Cortec Corporation. Cortec Corporation is currently one of the global leaders in corrosion protection technology. The company specializes in manufacturing, distributing, and the application of anti-corrosion products and systems based on the revolutionary Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibition Technology.  Cortec Corporation is also the leading manufacturer of environmentally-friendly corrosion inhibitors and for providing effective solutions for corrosion challenges across most industries.

Cortec Middle East was opened in the UAE with the aim of providing their services and products throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The company has a world-class warehousing facility in Dubai World Central and as such, can deliver their products and solutions promptly and efficiently to the destination within the region. 

The company consistently collaborates with the American University in Dubai in terms of product development and testing to meet the corrosion challenges unique to the harsh environment of this region. Cortec Middle East also boasts of a team of highly qualified engineers and field technicians that are experts in engineering, technical guidance, training, and field support.

Cortec Middle East’s Products

The company manufactures and supplies high-quality corrosion prevention products. These include:

• Rust preventives
• VpCI powders
• MCI for concrete
• VpCI additives
• Surface prevention products
• VpCI emitters
• VpCI packaging

well-known manufacturer and distribution of corrosion technology and products

Application Of Products

Cortec Middle East’s lineup of products and solutions can be used for and in the following:

• Aboveground storage tanks
• Equipment preservation
• Hydrotesting and mothballing
• Cased pipeline crossings
• Reinforced concrete
• Post-tensioned structures
• Concrete repair

All products, services, and solutions offered by Cortec Middle East are frequently used in the oil and gas, construction, power and water, and military industries. If you want to know about the various corrosion prevention products, technology, and services offered by the company, visit the website of Cortec Middle East.

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