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Chiropractic Treatments And Techniques Offered By Body In Balance

leading chiropractic clinic in Victoria
Chiropractic care offers various benefits. This type of natural treatment can help boost a person’s immunity, reduce stress and high blood pressure, relieves colic, back pain, sciatica, and migraine headaches, and can improve asthma and arthritic symptoms. It can help treat various medical and health issues without the use of surgery and harmful medications.

To experience the full benefits chiropractic care has to offer, you need to choose a qualified, trained, and experienced chiropractor to go to. Fortunately, there are a number of reputable chiropractic centres in Australia that boasts of only the best chiropractors. One of these clinics is Body In Balance.

trusted chiropractic clinic in Victoria

About Body In Balance

Body In Balance is a well-known wellness clinic in Victoria. This centre has been providing expert chiropractic care and other types of natural treatments for more than 15 years now.

Dr. Bianca Beaumont is the founder, head, and principal chiropractor of Body in Balance. She graduated in 2001 with first class honours in Chiropractic and Clinical Sciences from RMIT and soon after, she immediately opened her first Body In Balance clinic in Richmond.

The healthcare experts of Body In Balance excel in providing tailor-fit treatments designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. Their team focuses on preventative health care since they believe this is the real key to help you feeling better physically and mentally at your best. The practitioners at Body In Balance work with every patient to determine the underlying cause of the issue and then design a health regime that’ll help maintain their well-being into the future. Their in-house specialists also only use gentle, all-natural, drug-free health care to help people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Body In Balance has two clinics located in Richmond and Caulfield.

well-known chiropractic clinic in Victoria

Chiropractic Treatments And Techniques
Body In Balance specialises in different types of chiropractic treatments and techniques. These include:

•    Low-force instrument-assisted adjustments. These are chiropractic treatments done or given with the use of an activator (a small hand-held instrument), biomechanical blocks (wedge-shaped blocks placed under the pelvis), and drop-piece adjustments (using specialised table). These techniques are as effective as manual adjustments but avoid the cracking noise. Individuals suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis, and inflammatory conditions will benefit from these types of chiropractic treatments.

• Hands-on manual adjustments

• Diversified

• Activator

• Sacro-Occipital

• Webster (for pregnant women)

• Cranial work

• Limited AK

Body In Balance also specialises in chiropractic care for families, kids, and expecting mums.

Other Treatments And Products

The centre also offers massage therapy and myotherapy. Body In Balance also carries a variety of wellness products all aimed at complementing a patient’s therapy. These products include practitioner-only health supplements, orthopaedic supports, rehabilitation aids, and therapeutic pillows.

Get more details about the chiropractic treatments offered by Body In Balance on their website.

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