Friday, August 5, 2016

A Review On World Media Academy

The media industry is now very much alive especially when it comes to online technology. More and more people are showing interest in social media and other online media portals. A lot of these people are starting their own blogs and writing articles about just anything under the sun. However, not all of these people really know how to properly write a story. And in this case, taking journalism and other media courses is such as an advantage.

About World Media Academy (WMA)

World Media Academy (WMA) is one of the most trusted schools in Dubai that offers journalism and media courses. It is a venture of EMDI Institute and Greycells Education Ltd. It is the school’s goal to provide the training and skills needed for individuals from all professional and academic backgrounds to succeed in their chosen field of communication.

The Courses Offered By World Media Academy (WMA)

There are a lot of courses you can choose if you want to be successful in your career as a journalist or media officer. Check out the courses offered in World Media Academy (WMA) below:

- Diploma in Digital Communication, Journalism and PR

- Certificate Courses
     o Overview of Print Journalism
     o Overview of Broadcast Media (Radio and TV)
     o Overview of Public Relations
     o Overview of New Media and Digital Marketing

World Media Academy (WMA) also offers placement and internships since they have a lot of partners in the media industry. It is also their goal to ensure their students get access to real world experience and then finally get a job that fits their credentials.

Contact Information

To know more about the courses and other services offered by World Media Academy (WMA), you can check out their website and get the information needed such as their phone number, their office address and email address. You can also use the contact form for your inquiries.

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