Sunday, July 31, 2016

Checking Out More About Medical Village

When it comes to fashion, health and beauty, Dubai is among the most popular cities that comes to mind. The city has greatly contributed to the health and beauty industry globally. People do not only come to visit Dubai because of its nice tourist attractions and business opportunities but also because of what it has to offer when it comes to advanced and world-class health and beauty solutions. So, if you are in Dubai or are planning to visit Dubai, it pays to know more about the health and beauty treatment and solutions offered by trusted health and beauty clinics in the area.

About Medical Village

Medical Village is just one of the many skin clinics in Dubai. However, it is one of the most trusted, most reputable and most advanced health and beauty clinics in the city that many experts recommend. Aside from the beauty and health solutions, Medical Village also offers high-technology dental solutions. These luxury treatment and solutions are offered on an affordable price for both the locals and foreigners alike.

Medical Village has professionals who are experienced and experts in the field of health and beauty. They are very approachable and they provide expert solutions to your health, beauty and dental problems. The clinic’s founder Dr. Hamid Taghaddos was among the first general surgeons who introduced the latest laser technology in Dubai.

Medical Village Services

You can certainly choose from the wide range of beauty solutions available in Medical Village. To help you better understand them, check out the following major types of services they provide.

- PicoSure Solutions. PicoSure is rapidly becoming very popular not only in Dubai but also around the globe. This is first in the Middle East and so far, it is the most advanced technology used by many skin clinics today. Included in this treatment are scar treatment, tattoo removal, skin pigmentation treatment, skin revitalization and skin tightening.

- Treatments. Medical Village offers diverse types of treatment for each and every individual. You can take advantage of Medical Village’s laser tattoo removal, laser skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal and other dermatology and skin care solutions that are only offered in the most advanced skin care clinics in the world.

- Dentistry. Medical Village also offers cosmetic dental solutions and services. They have the latest technology and uses the latest tools and equipment to provide patients a world-class dental service they deserve.

Contacting Medical Village

Check out more about Medical Village through their website. Their phone number, clinic address, hours of operation and other important details are provided on the contact page of their website.

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