Sunday, July 10, 2016

Atkinsons – Chartered Accountants Since 1962

Your chosen account must be an asset to you and not just an additional cost to your business. Hence, choose your accountants wisely.  It is for this very reason that Atkinsons aim to provide you with a pro-active service that is built on their core values.

About Atkinsons

For more than 50 years, Atkinsons has been trading in the South East of England very successfully. They are very dedicated when it comes to providing a professional service that will meet all your business needs.

Atkinsons was established in 1962 by Bruce Atkinsons F.C.A. They have grown into a thriving family business. 4 partners of the same family across offices in Hove & Brighton and New Malden, service London along with the entire South East.

Their partners are supported by a team of experienced professional staff. The company is capable of offering the breadth of experience and professionalism required to meet the needs of a bigger corporate client, but still small enough to give personal contact ad attention to detail to startups and smaller businesses.

They are very proud to offer a wide range of services similar to that of large national practices, but with the commitment and personal care of the smaller partnership. They are registered to perform audit work and are regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Wales and England.

Services They Offer

Startups – They love to help people who are starting their business for the very first time. They can help you with the crucial first steps by giving you the support and extra time you need so you can overcome the initial hurdles.

Freelancers & Contractors – Regardless of whether you have just left employment or perhaps just commencing in contracting or a well-established contracting company, they can surely help you every step of the way.

Small & Medium Enterprises – They specialize in helping small and medium-sized businesses. They actually aim to provide a more proactive and higher level of service as opposed to other accountants.  

Cloud Solutions – They are very committed to providing you with the best possible service. They think that this can only be possible if you use the latest software which complements your business.

Why Choose Atkinsons

  • An accountant who listens and you can trust.
  • A helpful, friendly, and seamless service.
  • An ethical and professional firm.
  • A first class body of knowledge about all aspects of finance, tax, and accounting, used to give tailored advice to every client.
  • Great advice on which accounting software best fits and can greatly benefit your business.
  • Proactive when it comes to offering advice on accounting and tax issues.
  • Proactive communication so you won’t miss another deadline.
  • Multi-contact methods – these include Skype, email, chat or phone.
You can learn more about how Atkinsons can help you with your business at

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