Thursday, June 23, 2016

TS EXPORT: Making The Process Of Importing Trucks From Japan More Convenient And Efficient

leading import and export company of trucks from Japan
Most of the time, businesses involved in the construction, delivery, moving, and contracting industry need to have their own fleet of trucks to use for various reasons. Buying brand new trucks are one of the biggest investments these companies have to make. Since these vehicles require huge investments, companies need to make sure that they are getting the best ones and they would not be averse to finding ways to save some money on their purchases.

For business owners looking for savvy ways to cut back on their expenses, instead of searching for the latest releases of the trucks they need for their operations, it is highly recommended that they go through the “used” market first because of the great difference in prices.

Japan is well-known for the high quality used trucks that they sell. They offer endless options in terms of brands and models at reasonable prices. The money businesses can save when buying used trucks can then go into paying for the importing process.

Although importing trucks from Japan can be a complex and lengthy process, you can save a lot of time and money by getting help from a trusted import and export company. One of the highly regarded import and export companies in Japan today is TS EXPORT.

trusted import and export company of trucks from Japan
Since 1983, TS EXPORT has been in the business of trading under the official name of Tsuchiyama Sangyo. In 1994, the company officially started focusing on the import and export business.  TS EXPORT is a licensed and government approved import and export company, one of the highly regarded firms in Japan.

At present, TS EXPORT’s main operating base is located in Himeji, Japan. As such, the company’s team has easy access to Kobe, Osaka, and the Kansai International Airport. This means that customers will have a wider selection of quality used trucks, cars, motorcycles, forklifts, machinery, and marine vehicles, parts, and accessories to choose from and they come at lower prices, compared to the ones found in Tokyo.

TS EXPORT’s Truck Listing

highly-regarded import and export company of trucks from Japan
The listing of trucks on TS EXPORT’s website is quite exhaustive. You will find trucks and mini-trucks of the following brands on the website:

• Toyota
• Mitsubishi
• Fuso
• Hino
• Isuzu
• Mazda
• Mercedes
• Nissan
• UD
• Volvo

Working With TS EXPORT

Once you decide to choose TS EXPORT as your truck importing partner, you can begin by perusing their listing of trucks on their website. You can then get in touch with them by Skype or e-mail and begin transacting with them.

With TS Export, you can enjoy the convenience of perusing online listings, extended hours of operations, and having your personal Trading Account and Client Portal. You will also be assured that your ordered trucks are in good condition even though they are low-cost and you will receive them the same way in the fastest time possible.

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