Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Melodica – The Best Provider Of Music & Dance Classes For All Ages & All Skill Levels In Dubai

It is not too late for anyone to learn how to play certain musical instruments like guitar, piano, violin, drum, etc. or perhaps learn how to dance salsa, ballet, zumba, and hiphop. If you are ready to develop your musical and/or dance skill, enrol the best music or dance class in your area. For Dubai residents, Melodica can be your best partner. After all, they are considered the best music and dance institute in Dubai these day.

About Melodica

Melodica is known to be the most comprehensive and extensive music and dance institute in Dubai. They have experienced and qualified international instructors from around the world – Germany, Russia, Netherlands, USA, and Bulgaria to name a few.

Melodica is indeed a community of educators dedicated to redefining performing arts education in Dubai. They are likewise committed to delivering unparalleled learning experiences along with advanced knowledge through a structured educational system prioritizing students’ growth. They have a well-rounded group of performing arts educators. Each of them is a specialist in different genre, age groups, technique, pace, and experience.

Moreover, they are fervent about making performing arts education very accessible to people of all cultures, backgrounds, and ages. And since they are the premiere music and dance institute in Dubai nowadays, they have performing arts courses that will introduce students to the most basic concepts of the arts.

Melodica is among the several music institutes in Dubai with a well-developed learning system equipping students with the skills and information needed to prepare for the examinations given by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and the Trinity College London. Indeed, this institution is the best place for people looking to increase their knowledge and skill for professional pursuits. Their educational program and curriculum make them the best music institute in Dubai.

Classes They Offer

  • Music – They will help you be proficient at playing different musical instruments. These will include guitar, piano, keyboard, violin, drums, saxophone, flute, and oriental music.
  • Dance – They will teach you how to properly dance hiphop, salsa, ballet, zumba, and belly dance.
  • Singing – They will teach you how to stand, breath, and sing in order to make the most out of what you got. This course covers songs, exercise, performance techniques, and creative work like song writing.

Apart from that, they arrange special advanced workshops for professionals in Dubai and the UAE. They teach children, adults, and professionals.

Why Choose Melodica

  • They are professional, not commercial.
  • They work with the top International instructors.
  • They have spacious and newly-equipped studios.
  • They provide student concerts, international exams and certifications at all levels.
  • Their top priority is your satisfaction.

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