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Wise Global Training Ltd.: Offering Convenient and First-Rate eLearning Courses

leading health and safety training course provider

Upholding safety is one of the primary concerns and goals of any company owners. Whether you own a small, medium-sized, or large business, it is important that the safety and well-being of all employees are ensured.

One way you can provide employees peace of mind when it comes to their health and safety in the workplace is by providing them relevant training. These health and safety training courses can be taken by all employees or only the ones in charge of or directly involved in these areas.

Options For Taking Up Health And Safety Courses

If you have taken the interest to invest in further learning opportunities for your employees specialising in the health and safety area, you don’t have to worry about these courses taking up too much of their time or interfering with their work. Your employees have the option of taking occupational health and safety courses in the traditional method, by studying in a classroom, or by taking up eLearning training programmes.

Individuals signing up for eLearning courses can take up and complete these programmes online. They can study the modules in their home, in the office (during breaks), or wherever they can connect to the Internet. They can study at their convenience, whenever they have free time, and they don’t have to spend money on travelling to the training institution as well.

trusted health and safety training course provider

About Wise Global Training

Wise Global Training Ltd.  was established to provide an option for OSHA professionals who want to learn more about their field through a modern, efficient, and cost-effective way. This training institution provides eLearning training courses which meet high quality standards as well those of NEBOSH and IOSH. 

Wise Global Training’s main office is ocated at Louis Pearlman Centre, Goulton Street, Hull, UK.

reputable health and safety training course provider

eLearning Courses Offered By Wise Global Training

Wise Global Training provides the following superb eLearning courses:

IOSH Managing Safely eLearning Course

This course covers the following:

• Assessing risks
• Identifying hazards
• Understanding your responsibilities
• Protecting your environment
• Investigating accidents and incidents
• Measuring performance
• Controlling risks
• Introducing managing safely

IOSH Working Safely course

Modules included in this course include:

• Introduction to working safely
• Protecting the environment
• Identification of common hazards
• Defining hazards and risks

NEBOSH Oil and Gas Certificate eLearning course

Students will learn the following under this course:

• Health and safety and environmental management
• Logistics and transport operations
• Hydrocarbon process safety 1
• Hydrocarbon process safety 2
• Fire protection and emergency response

NEBOSH National General Certificate Course

Under this course, participants will learn the following:

• Establishment of safe premises
• Utilising appropriate equipment and material
• Establishment of safe systems of work
• Information, instruction and training.

NEBOSH International General Certificate eLearning Course
This training programme provides the right key concepts and practices that will enable professionals to build healthy and wealthy global workplaces. Participants will learn about international occupational safety and health key principles.

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