Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Keane Design: Your Innovative And Creative Business Partner In Dubai

complete business consultancy firm in Dubai
Dubai is shaping to be one of the entertainment capitals of the world. Aside from various sports stadiums, recreational facilities, amazing tourist attractions, and shopping malls, Dubai already has its fair share of world-class hotels, dining establishments, clubs and bars. You can also expect the hospitality, food and drink, and club entertainment industry of Dubai to continue expanding in the coming years.

Businesses in the food and drink, hospitality, and club entertainment industry will certainly face a lot of competition. They will have to contend with businesses that are already open and the ones that will soon be operational. If your line of business falls in these categories, you can keep ahead of the competition and remain successful by working with the right partner.
trusted business consultancy firm in Dubai

About Keane Design

Keane Design is one of the leading, most complete providers of various innovative solutions and services businesses in the field of hospitality, food and drinks, and club entertainment can benefit from.

The company is known for creating and coming up with trendy concepts, schemes, and designs for their clients. From hip and cool niche concepts to classic ones and mass market leaders, Keane Design is a certified industry frontrunner.

Keane Design boasts only of the most versatile and talented conceptualisers, interior designers, graphic artists, branding and marketing experts. Whatever you need to start or improve a restaurant, hotel, or bar or club business, the brilliant team of Keane Design will help you out.

Keane Design is one of biggest business consultancy companies in the world. They have two offices in the UK, one in London and the other located in Birmingham. In Asia, they have offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. The company also has an office in Dubai.

leading business consultancy firm in Dubai

Keane Design’s Services And Solutions

The company specialises in the following areas:

• Interior design
• Graphic design
• Concept design
• Marketing and branding

They offer their services to:

• Restaurants
• Bars and clubs
• Hotels and resorts
• Companies providing leisure and entertainment

Some of their clients (past and present) include well-known brands such as Jack Daniels, Wolfgang Puck, Nandos, Bella, Manchester House, Sterling, Soho Bar and Grill, and the International Hotel Group.

Why You Should Work With Keane Design

Keane Design is one of the most established business consultancy companies globally. It is a testament to their outstanding track record – they never fail to satisfy any of their clients.

Due to their years of services and experienced, versatile, and talented team, you get assurance that whatever concept you have in mind for your restaurant, hotel, or bar, this will be carried out according to your wishes and even beyond your expectations.

Whether you’re still on the planning stages of your new venture or want to give it a makeover, let Keane Design assist you with all your requirements.

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