Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Experience World-class Accommodation At DoubleTree By Hilton Berkeley Marina

Once in a while, it can be good to treat yourself and your family with a grand vacation. Planning for family trips can be a little challenging especially when summer is fast approaching. Many people even had a whole planning for a 3-day family vacation. This only shows that they really want their vacation to be the best ever.

One of the most important factors to consider to ensure the best vacation is choosing the best accommodation. This may sound really costly especially if you are looking into world-class accommodation. However, there are actually a few luxury hotels that offer a great deal for people to experience world-class accommodation and service without having to spend so much.

About DoubleTree By Hilton Berkeley Marina

DoubleTree By Hilton Berkeley Marina is one of the most popular and most recommended hotels in California. The hotel is known for its warm hospitality which makes the guests want to come back. Most guests in the hotel are in the place either for a personal trip or a business travel. Since the hotel also offers great packages for corporate meetings, a lot of business owners choose the hotel for their business meetings, seminars and other corporate events.

DoubleTree By Hilton Berkeley Marina is strategically located in a place that has easy access to nature, cool breeze and nice view which are very important factors when choosing a place to unwind, chill and relax either with friends or family.

DoubleTree Accommodations

Staying in a hotel with very relaxing and comfortable ambiance is all worth every money and effort. Hence, DoubleTree By Hilton Berkeley Marina always make it a point to provide the best for their guests. Currently, they have three types of accommodation available

- Guest Rooms
- Suites
- Accessible Rooms

For guests who want to check and explore the area, a short walk from their rooms is all that’s needed to find the hotel’s fitness center which is complimentary to the guests, the indoor pool and the complimentary shuttle that will take them around San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland. This is indeed perfect for family trips, family bonding, vacation with friends and even for company or corporate trips.

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