Sunday, February 28, 2016

Concourse Hosting - Offering The World’s #1 Data Visualization Software

When it comes to organizing the data of your business operations, you need full concentration so you won’t miss anything. But in today’s tech-advanced world, tasks associated with data organization and integration can be made a lot easier. Among the experts you can get help from is Concourse Hosting.

About Concourse Hosting

Concourse Hosting is owned and founded by Glen Kendell, who has been working in technology since 1994. His love for non-profit organizations was his driving force for staring this company. He finished a degree in Physics and has become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional since 2002.

Beyond Nines is now 2 new companies – Nonprofit Garden and Concourse Hosting. So if you are a hosting customer of Beyond Nines, be aware that they are still the same people doing the same thing. Also, they remained committed to hosting Blackbaud software. Moreover, they have an exciting new feature – the data visualization of your Raiser’s Edge data using Tableau.

Data Visualizations For Nonprofits

You can get ready-made visualizations, crosstabs, dashboards, and more to help you see as well as understand your data.

Live Hosted Or Daily Refresh – If you host your data with Concourse, your Tableau worksheets and dashboards will be updated every day. For those who need information as updated as possible, this can be your best option.

Copy Only Or Monthly Refresh – Enjoy all the benefits of their Tableau hosting by using a copy of your database that is updated monthly. If you want to test things out, you can start by choosing this option.

Raisers Edge Hosting

Be reminded that the Raiser’s Edge is a software and not Salesforce. Whenever your organization wants to maintain control over your Raiser’s Edge software along with your data, consider getting your own services, your own domain, and an isolated network. Concourse Hosting can be of great help.

Upgrade Control – You are the one to decide if you want to upgrade your Raiser’s Edge software version or patch. Concourse Hosting will help you test first and then manage the upgrade when the time comes.

Sandbox Testing – For 30 days, you can freely test upgrades, imports or any huge changes against an isolated copy of your production environment.

Third-Party Integrations – It allows any 3rd-party software, SQL scripts, and custom plugins. Indeed, the possibilities are limitless.

Direct Access To SQL – You can easily gain access to your Raiser’s Edge and other SQL databases.

Private Cloud

Cloud – They own and operated a private cloud with data centres in Seattle and Dallas using Internap as their colocation provider.

Performance – It features all 10-gig networking fabric, SSD flash-enhanced Tintri SAN storage, and PernixData storage acceleration

Custom – You will certainly get custom-built systems meant for your organization and created to meet your specific requirements.

Managed – They will work closely with you to handle all the care and coordinate updates. They will also help make your systems healthy and happy.

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