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No Fuss Event Hire: Providing The Best Corporate And Event Furnishings In Australia

No Fuss Event Hire
When it comes to organizing an event, most business owners know that hiring professionals is important. Of course, with the help of professionals, their events can be better and more successful. However, when hiring professionals, you need to choose which services are essential for your event. For instance, when planning to present products and services properly as well as giving guests a wonderful experience, it is important to hire an MC. In case that you are planning to make your venue better and more appealing, one of the best options is to hire corporate and event furnishings companies like No Fuss Event Hire.

What you need to know about No Fuss Event Hire

No Fuss Event Hire was founded by Geoff Tucker in 1996. The company is known to offer the largest temporary flooring and ground access products in Australia. To be able to provide such services, the company has a team of experienced staff with logistical expertise to execute major events simultaneously.

Apart from that, No Fuss Event Hire has established long-term contractual arrangements with an extensive list of high profile events which include 2006 Commonwealth Games, Thoroughbred Racing Industry, Australian Formula 1 and Motorcycle Grand Prix and even AFL Grand Final.

Corporate and event furnishing services of No Fuss Event Hire

No Fuss Event Hire
As of now, No Fuss Event Hire offers a wide variety of services to make your events more successful. Below are some of the following.

Flooring – Outdoor events are very popular. Therefore, it is important to make use of flooring products. These products allow business owners to secure their products and services. Luckily, No Fuss Event Hire offers a huge selection of flooring solutions for you, from simple carpets up to state-of-the-art Supamats and Hexapro.

Marquees and structures – Another important item in your event is marquees. These are ideal when organizing outdoor events. In addition, marquees can also be used indoors to create a better space for your product or service.

Event furniture – To make events look more professional, business owners can also opt for event furniture such as chair, tables, and even lighting effects. These fixtures can make events more comfortable and appealing.

Fencing and crowd control – There are some cases when business owners organize events in public locations. Therefore, it is important to ensure the safety of guests. That is why business owners need to make use of fencing and crowd control services.

No Fuss Event Hire
Types of hiring services No Fuss Event Hire offers

No Fuss Event Hire offers hiring services for almost all of their items and equipment. So, to match your needs, the company offers two hiring options.

Full hire – No Fuss Event Hire offers a full hire service where No Fuss Event Hire delivers and installs all the stock such as furnishings, potable floorings and marquee hire for your event.

Dry hire – No Fuss Event Hire offers a dry hire option which gives clients the opportunity to pick the stocks up from the warehouse including furnishings, potable floorings and marquee hire and return it when the hire period ends.

In case you want to know more about No Fuss Event Hire, you can visit them at to make events better and more exciting.

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