Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Review About Hoffman’s Lawn Care

As what many homeowners say, having a beautiful and healthy lawn really contributes to the overall beauty and value of the home. And so, many homeowners really aim to have that huge, beautiful lawn that can serve a lot of purposes. However, taking care of it may seem a challenge to most of these homeowners, especially those who do not have any experience about lawn care maintenance. It is, therefore, much better to hire experts who provide professional lawn care maintenance to save time, money and effort.

About Hoffman’s Lawn Care

Hoffman’s Lawn Care is a reputable lawn care service provider owned by Andrew Hoffman. Andrew personally sees to it that every service they provide gives 100% customer satisfaction. It is their company’s goal to be able to provide expert lawn care and pest control services to gain loyal customers. They provide a free estimate for people who want to check how much it will cost them to achieve the goals they have for their lawn or garden. This is such an advantage for those who do not want to spend more than what they actually spare for lawn care.

The Services They Provide

Hoffman’s Lawn Care is not just a company that provides basic lawn care maintenance. Since they have a team of experts who have deep knowledge about lawn care, landscaping and pest control, people can take advantage of the following services:

- Lawn mowing
- Fertilization and weed control
- Pest control
- Lawn aeration
- Tree and shrub trimming
- Tree and shrub installation
- Shrub and tree removal
- Mulch/ compost installation
- Spring and fall clean-up

Contact Information

To know more about Hoffman’s Lawn Care and the services they provide or to request a free estimate, you can check out their website which also has their phone number. You can also use their contact form and expect a response from one of their workers within 24 hours.

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