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Shannon Lawn & Landscaping: Helping Local Property Owners Have A Healthy And Beautiful Lawn

leading lawn care and landscaping company in CT

Taking care of, maintaining and improving a lawn, especially a large-sized and landscaped one, can be very difficult and time-consuming. There are also certain lawn care and landscaping tasks that would require more than two or three people working and some specialized tools, equipment and supplies would also be needed as well.  For these tasks or chores, the best option would be to engage the services of lawn care landscaping experts. 

trusted lawn care and landscaping company in CT

Shannon Lawn & Landscaping

In Connecticut, one of the most trusted and complete providers of various residential and commercial lawn care and landscaping services is Shannon Lawn & Landscaping. They are a family-owned complete outdoor general contractor.

Shannon Lawn & Landscaping’s team has over a century of field experience. Their expertise in the industry, attention to detail and dedication to exceed their customer’s expectations is proven with any of the properties they provide service to.
The company’s main office is located at 55 Lupes Drive, Stratford CT.

reputable lawn care and landscaping company in CT

The Company’s Services

Shannon Lawn & Landscaping offers their lawn care and landscaping services to both residential and commercial property owners.

Their residential services include:

Lawn Care and Maintenance

• Fertilization
• Weed Control
• Liming
• Grub and Surface Insect Prevention and Treatment
• Lawn Aeration
• Dethatching
• Lawn Renovation
• Ornamental Shrub Fertilization
• Tick Control

Landscape Installation and Maintenance

• Landscape Design
• Landscape Installation
• Phased Method Design
• Computer Aided Design
• Pond Installation
• Fencing Installation
• Hardscape Installation—Walkways, Walls, Patios, Fire pits
• Pruning, Feeding, Weeding, Edging and Mulching
• Weekly Lawn Maintenance
• Seasonal Cleanups
• Full Service Lawn Care Programs by Licensed Professionals

Masonry and Hardscaping Services

• Patios
• Fire Pits
• Walkways
• Retaining Walls
• Belgium Block and Curbstone

Their commercial services include:

• Fertilization and Weed Control
• Weekly Mowing
• Spring and Fall Cleanups
• Regular Weeding of Beds and Parking Lot Areas
• Bed Maintenance (Pruning, Weeding, Edging, Feeding, Mulching)
• Annual Flower and Pot Planting
• Irrigation Installation and Maintenance Services
• Landscape Lighting
• Snow Removal and Ice Control

You can read more about Shannon Lawn & Landscaping's lawn care and landscaping services here.

Why You Should Choose Shannon Lawn & Landscaping

Shannon Lawn & Landscaping is one of the most complete providers of lawn maintenance and landscaping services in Connecticut. They have at their disposal a wide range of up-to-date tools and equipment needed to carry out any lawn care or landscaping services. They have easy access to all the necessary supplies as well. All their employees are fully trained and qualified to properly execute any tasks or projects assigned to them.

The company also takes pride in the fact that their employee turnover rate is very low and customers will find that the same trusted people will be at their home consistently. As such, they will get to know your property. Their team will know where the problem areas may be in the lawn various times throughout the year. They will also have a good idea as to when the perfect time is to treat your lawn based on weather conditions and mowing schedule.

Shannon Lawn & Landscaping’s employees are also in uniform when they work so that you can easily identify them. These uniforms are high quality and include safety features such as bright colors and reflectors to keep our staff safe. In addition, all their trucks and equipment are professionally marked with their business logo and information. All their equipment are clean, safe and well-maintained, as well as fully licensed and insured. You can easily relax and have a peace of mind since all your key lawn care and landscaping tasks are in the hands of one of the best contractors in Connecticut.

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