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Repave Spray-On Paving: Your Complete Professional Resurfacing Partner

trusted repaving experts in WA

There are various options you can choose from when you want to have your floor or an outdoor surface. The traditional ones include cement, concrete and asphalt. Today, more and more property owners are gravitating towards liquid limestone, exposed concrete, and spray-on paving.

leading repaving experts in WA

About Repave Spray-On Paving

Repave Spray-on Paving is a company based in Perth, Western Australia. This locally-owned and run company has been providing their specialised services from more than 30 years now.

Their skilled and experienced team serve residential and commercial customers across the city and surrounding areas. Their tried and tested resurfacing system can effectively transform dull concrete areas into spectacular features. Repave Spray-on Paving is a member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA).

reputable repaving experts in WA

Repave Spray-On Paving’s Services And Products

The experts at Repave have more than 30 years of experience in laying liquid limestone, exposed concrete, and spray-on paving.

Liquid limestone is a mixture of concrete, crushed limestone and other substances that are used in the construction of driveways, pool surrounds, floors, verandas and patios. This is poured and spread like concrete. Liquid limestone has a lovely natural colour unlike concrete's unattractive naturally grey colour. The benefits that liquid limestone offers include:   

• Cool under foot
• They provide modern appearance
• They are durable and customisable and as such, are particularly well-suited to high traffic areas of your home or business.

Exposed concrete
is a type of concrete finish. The appearance of exposed concrete is completed when the top layer of the concrete is sprayed off to expose the colourful rocks beneath. The benefits they offer include:

• They are durable and cost effective
• They are robust and low-maintenance
• They have non-slip surfaces 

Repave Spray-on Paving offers both exposed aggregate concrete and polished concrete products and paving services.

Spray-on paving
is made of various substances that are used for the repair, restoration and improvement of existing concrete surfaces. Repave specializes in both internal and outdoor flooring.  For internal floors, they use Mastershield Polymer Flooring. For outdoor surfaces, they offer outdoor flooring stencilled concrete. Some of the benefits these repaving options include:

• Anti-slip features
• They are cost-effective
• There is a wide range of colours, styles or designs to choose from   

You can learn more about the resurfacing products and services offered by Repave Spray-on Paving by visiting their website.

Reasons To Choose Repave Spray-on Paving

Repave has over 30 years of concreting experience with both domestic and commercial clients. They are a member of Housing Industry Association (HIA) and as such, comply to Australian standards. They offer affordable prices and services and offer same-day competitive quotes. Lastly, no project is too big or too small for Repave Spray-on Paving.

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