Monday, November 9, 2015

Breathalyzers Online – Quality Choices For You

When it comes to accidents, especially road accidents, one of the most common reasons is alcohol consumption. Although, it is not really the main reason why a person gets involved in a road accident, it is usually one of the things that the authorities check mainly because a huge number of road accidents are due to driving under the influence of alcohol. And so, it is very important that you know how you can control your alcohol drinking especially if you intend to drive a vehicle after.

For most companies, owners invest in a breathalyser. This is not only for personal use but also for their employees. This is to make sure that every worker is fit to work and is free from the influence of liquor. This greatly applies for those who have workers assigned as company driver, crane operator and delivery truck driver. When one of your workers gets involved in any injury, accident or death due to alcohol consumption while in your premises or hours of work, your company is legally responsible for the damages. And so, investing in a breathalyser is a smart move for every company owner.

About Breathalyzers Online

Breathalyzers Online is an online store that offers many different types of breathalyzers both for personal and business use. The company is known to provide the best quality breathalyzers in Australia. More and more business owners invest in one of the breathalyzers they offer as it provides accurate results in no time. The breathalizers provided by Breathalyzers Online are of high quality, efficient and handy.

Your Choices

If you are planning to get one either for your personal use or for your business, you can choose from the categories below:

- Personal breathalyzers. This is mainly for personal use. You can take advantage of these types of breathalyzers while on the go as these are very handy.

- Workplace breathalyzers. For business and company owners who want to ensure a safe workplace and enforce a no-alcohol-while-working policy, these breathalyzers are the most recommended.

- Fuel cell breathalyzers. These are breathalyzers that use the Fuel Cell technology which is known for its accuracy in reading or determining the percent of alcohol present in the body.

Aside from these high quality breathalyzers, the company also provides extra mouthpieces and breathalyzers for rent.

Contact Info

To know more about Breathalyzers Online, you can check out the website which includes the information you need such as their office address, phone number and email address. The company also offers a 30-day replacement for damaged products to ensure customer satisfaction.

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