Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Knowing More About Desert Family Dental

Choosing a family-friendly dental clinic is really an advantage especially if you have kids. For some people, this may not be a huge factor to consider but for those who aim for optimum oral health care for the whole family, choosing a family-friendly dental clinic is a smart move.

About Desert Family Dental

Desert Family Dental is actually one of the most trusted dental clinics in Mesa, AZ. The clinic has an expert team of dentists who do not only have the experience but the knowledge as well when it comes to addressing your oral health issues. They offer not only general dental services but cosmetic dental services as well. The clinic boasts of its comfortable and fun ambiance, making it easier and more comfortable for the whole family to go through any dental treatment.

Desert Family Dental’s team is actually led by Dr. Scott Lee and Dr. James Heaton. Both are experts in their field and have already built a reputation when it comes to excellence in dental services. They also accept dental insurances such as Delta Dental, Aetna and Metlife which is a huge advantage for those who have such dental insurance plans.

The Dental Services They Provide

As of now, Desert Family Dental offers three types of dental services. Check them out below:

- Cosmetic dentistry. This has become a very in-demand dental service. Since more and more people today want to achieve the perfect smile, they are looking for ways to improve their teeth alignment and make sure that their teeth are white. And so, going to a dental clinic to get these services seems to be a smart choice. Cosmetic dental services include dental bonding, porcelain veneers and teeth whitening.

- General and family dentistry. This is for your regular dental checkup and your family’s. If you want to ensure your teeth are strong and your gums are healthy, getting these services is a must. Included in this type of dental service are:

o Dental bridge
o Dentures
o Dental implants
o Facial collapse
o Emergency dentist
o Overdentures
o Pediatric dentistry
o Root canal treatment
o Sedation dentistry
o Tooth extractions
o White fillings
o Wisdom teeth removal

- Orthodontics. This is for those who want to correct the alignment of their teeth. Desert Family Dental offers affordable braces and invisalign. You can also take advantage of the complimentary consultation offered by Desert Family Dental for this service.

How To Contact Them

To know more about Desert Family Dental, you can actually check out their website that contains all the information you need such as their clinic address, their phone numbers and hours of operation. You can also send a message via their contact form.

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