Wednesday, October 28, 2015

All About Fabtech International

When it comes to building constructions, one of the most in-demand supplies or materials is steel. In UAE where a lot of business establishments are built, the use of steel is very much needed. This is actually because steel is a very sustainable material. It is strong, durable and very versatile. Hence, it is a very practical choice.

However, it is actually not that easy to find a steel fabrication company that you can trust. Although there are actually a lot of steel fabrication companies in UAE, only a few can actually meet the demands of most business owners. Most of the products are substandard. And so, it is not really suitable for those who want to build strong and durable infrastructures.

About Fabtech International

Fabtech International is actually a group of companies that provide steel fabrication services in UAE. It is one of the largest and most established companies when it comes to steel fabrication. The main headquarter is located in Dubai but it has a lot of branches across the UAE and other parts of the globe. The company was established by Dr. Harry Moraes in 1994 and until today, it continues to be one of the trusted steel fabricators in the area. Fabtech International provides services to various industries such as gas, oil, water, power and other processing industries.

The Supplies And Products They Offer

Fabtech International actually offers a wide variety of quality steel supplies. Check out some of them below:

- For Oil And Gas Industry:

• Rigs
• Triangular legs
• Land rig substructure
• Land rig mast structure
• Drilling derrick
• Mud system and power package

- For Power Vessels
• Boosters and HTF heaters
• Production and inlet separator
• Water bath heaters
• Reactor vessel for HYL
• Gas metering skid package
• Cannister vessels
• LPG bullets
• DRI cooler

- For Rolling And Dished Ends Steel 
• Pressing and dishing machines
• Rolling machines
• CNC machines

- For Grating 
• Fabricated grating
• Circular gratings and clips
• Grating with circular opening

- For Material Handling 
• Pipe conveyors
• Ship loaders
• Stacker reclaimer
• Continuous ship unloader

These are only some of the supplies and products that Fabtech International offers. If you want to know more about the company and the range of products and services that they provide, you can actually check out their website and know the address of all of their branches across the globe.

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