Tuesday, September 29, 2015

TheMakeover: Online Fashion Tips At Its Finest

When it comes to beauty, women know that finding the best outfits, makeups, and fashion items is essential. These are important because they can help women bring out their real beauty. However, with all the beauty products, styles and clothing available in the market, choosing the best one can be very stressful. Thus, women look for ways that can help them be updated with the latest trends and useful information about beauty products. Luckily, TheMakeover is the best destination for women who seek for the best online fashion tips and tricks.

Why visit TheMakeover

TheMakeover is a website managed by Kotex. The website is created to provide personalized content for your entertainment and information.

TheMakeover features numerous articles from makeovers, entertainment, relationships, fashion, and body and soul. These articles can provide the best and latest news and tricks women need to know.

In addition, TheMakeover is very accessible since women can easily visit the website with their smartphones.

The Products Featured by TheMakeover

Apart from providing wonderful articles about fashion and beauty, TheMakeover also features products by Kotex. It is a feminine hygiene brand that was introduced to the public 90 years ago. Some of the most popular products of Kotex are KOTEX ULTRA Normal Plus 10, KOTEX ULTRA Normal Plus DUO 20, KOTEX ULTRA ULTRA NIGHT 7, KOTEX ULTRA Young 10, KOTEX Tampons Mini 16 and KOTEX Lightdays Unscented 40.

By using these products, women can obtain the following benefits.
  • Faster absorption, provides better protection during the day.
  • Comfort and protection together, without any compromise.
  • New shape for a better fit, more comfort and less risk of leakage.
  • Cotton soft-like wings for a more comfortable feel around the thighs.
Gifts from TheMakeover

In addition, TheMakeover also offers gifts for their subscribers and visitors. These gifts can be obtained through points. These points are obtained by completing simple tasks such as sharing posts and even logging in daily.  Below are some of the following gifts women can get.

- Discover the variety of products designed especially to make you feel safe and comfortable at all times with the Kotex “Gold” bundle. 

- Reveal your inner beauty with a "Bronze" gift voucher from C&F, where you can find all the makeup and perfumes you can dream of!

- Wherever you want to go, ABC is here for you to shop at will. Redeem points for a "Bronze" gift voucher and go on that shopping spree you have been dreaming of.

In case you want to know more about TheMakeover, you can visit them at www.themakeover.me to enjoy the best fashion tips and tricks.

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