Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Geeks – Expertly Addressing Problems For Any Device

Gadgets like laptops, mobile phones and tablets can experience some tech issues. If you are not tech-savvy, consider not repairing it by yourself. Rather, have it be fixed by the pros. Among the experts you can get help from today is Geeks.

About Geeks


They are a team of geeks who are very passionate about repairing and fixing things. They actually love to take things apart and pull them back together. They strongly believe that when done properly along with the right quality standards, you surely can deliver an excellent repair experience at the lowest possible cost.

Geeks was founded by Fathi Alsharif and Mousa Yassin. Fathi is the current chief operations geek.
For him, technology has been a life-long passion. He is the one who keeps on innovating as well as improving the systems and process. On the other hand, Mousa is the chief executive geek. He is a business-minded individual. He is the picky one making sure that the business is always running smoothly and in the right direction

How Geeks Came About

Like many of other people, the founders could not find a very fast and reliable way of repairing various devices. They started by repairing their own and their friends told their peers and the circle began growing. They then realized that the market needs such kind of service – this is actually how Geeks came to life, offering a high quality and fast repair service to the wider audience at the best possible price.

Services They Offer


They are capable of repairing any problem for any device. All you have to do is to request a Geek and have your device repaired at your location or perhaps at any nearby location that is very convenient to you. If not, you can visit their workshop or perhaps request their pickup and delivery service.

Services they offer will include laptop repair, mobile phone repair, tablets repair, and console repair. You must know that requesting a repair service is easy – all you have to do is to check their website, choose what kind of service you need, and enter all the necessary details. 

How It Works?


First, the will assess your request. Second, they will send you a quote. Lastly, they will work their Magic.

Today, people cannot actually live without their devices and Geeks main aim is to ensure that you won’t spend a day without yours. Learn more about them along with the services they offer at www.geeks.ae.

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