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AlNowais Investments: Helping You Achieve Your Financial Goals In The UAE

leading investment company in the UAE
If you’re currently working in the UAE, you’re probably relying on your job to provide you the money to sustain your daily needs. You are also likely depending on your job to prepare and save for your retirement as well. Because of these facts, you probably want to work for as long as you possibly can.

However, this doesn’t have to be your situation. While you’re still young, you can look up other viable opportunities to earn more and not depend solely on your job to make ends meet and to save.

All About Investing

One income-generating strategy that you should look into is investing. Investing is simply about buying things that put money back into your pocket. You become an investor once you put your money into things that can earn income or grow in value.

In investing, the general aim is to earn at least an after-tax return greater than the rate of inflation. Being an investor though also involves some degree of risk. In general, the higher the return, the higher the risk.

Since investing can be a complex endeavor, many interested investors are choosing to get help from an investment company. Such companies have under their employ qualified and seasoned financial advisers who can walk you through the whole process of investing. One of the most trusted investment companies in the UAE is AlNowais Investment.

trusted investment company in the UAE

AlNowais Investments
AlNowais Investments is an investment company headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  AlNowais Investments owns and controls a diverse array of subsidiary companies.

The company was established in the late 1970s by members of AlNowais family. Since then, the group has evolved from a local business to a regional conglomerate with a successful track record of investing in multiple markets and sectors. In the past three decades, AlNowais Investments has enjoyed momentous growth and has become one of the most trusted investment names in the MENA Region.

AlNowais Investments is currently being led by Hussain AlNowais, the company’s Chairman.

reputable investment company in the UAE

AlNowais Investments owns controls and manages a diversified portfolio of companies which operate in numerous vital sectors. These include:

• Oil and Gas and Petrochemicals
• Energy
• Engineering and Construction
• Healthcare
• Real Estate and Hospitality
• Information, Communication and Technology
• Electromechanical and Chemical

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Why You Should Choose AlNowais Investments

AlNowais Investments is one of the most established and trusted investment companies in the UAE. They have a diversified portfolio of companies you can choose from to invest in. They continue to work hard to achieve their aim of being the leading investment company in the GCC area. They constantly adhere to the highest standards in investment while creating sustainable value for all their stakeholders.

AlNowais Investments is known for making strategic principal investments in businesses in select industries that exhibit exceptional potential for growth and expansion. They originate, develop and execute large-scale projects in the energy and infrastructure sectors in partnership with leading players in these industries. You won’t go wrong with choosing AlNowais Investments as your partner to help you achieve your financial goals.

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