Monday, September 21, 2015

A Review On Dacon-Inspection.Com - Your Partner For Pipeline Maintenance And Inspection Services

Are you in the mining, power generation, fabrication, heavy industry, downstream, midstream and upstream oil and gas industries? The expertise of professionals is required to ensure that your pipeline is operating at its best.

Among the inspection services you can trust for your pipeline maintenance is Dacon. This leading Inspection Services Company headquartered in Thailand has over 400 qualified inspectors ready to provide you with world class quality inspections. The company operates in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar, Korea, China, Indonesia, Philippines, India, and Australia. It provides pipeline inspections, asset integrity, training and techniques to the mentioned industries. 

Whether you need to inspect an existing pipeline or a newly built line, Dacon offers you these pipeline services:

Pipeline Test Yard
For specific projects, the company can conduct tests on its large and comprehensive pipeline testing facility in Thailand. As a client you would see how exactly their tools would operate through the demonstration. They have all the tanks, pumps, manufacturing facilities, calibration equipment needed to build any test scenario. Check their website for the lines available for Pipeline testing purposes.

Data Analysis
In planning maintenance schedules, you need to understand the condition and life of your pipeline. Here you need to acquire and analyze data accurately. Dacon can collect accurate data for you and present them in easy to understand reporting format for analysis. Through this data analysis and reporting system, you can optimize your scheduled maintenance and inspection planning to increase asset reliability and integrity.

Research and Development

Dacon has the design and engineering capabilities to help you build and design solutions for your specific needs. Through its research and development centre, the company is able to work, improve, and innovate new techniques for projects even in more challenging operating environments.

In-line inspection
Involved with in-line inspections since 1976, Dacon is the company you can trust with your pipeline inspection. They have performed successful inspections for many multinational oil and gas companies worldwide. With their tools, you would know if your pipeline has evidence of internal or external corrosion, deformations, laminations, cracks, and other defects.

Pipeline Cleaning
This can be achieved in many ways but Dacon uses the system called Progressive Pigging. This system ensures that the line is clean and that the bore of the pipeline is clear as well for inspections tools to pass through unobstructed. The full process of this pipeline cleaning method can be viewed on their Pipeline Cleaning page at

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