Tuesday, August 11, 2015

TheMakeover by Kotex: A Website Designed Just For Women

Informative and interesting website for ladies

A woman has different needs from a man. This starts with her biological makeup and continues with certain psychological and emotional needs. As such, when it comes to websites that they frequently visit, women will have different options or favourites compared to their male counterparts.

But what sites would ladies find interesting? This would be the usual, of course: a site which has content about women’s interests such as relationships, fashion, shopping, beauty and health tips. Almost all women would be interested to keep up with the latest on entertainment or Hollywood stories as well.

Instead of flicking one site to another to read all interesting articles about these topics, women would appreciate it more if all these contents are on just one site. One website that contains various articles and other content that would definitely please and help ladies is www.themakeover.me.

Leading website for women’s interest

About TheMakeover’s Website

TheMakeover is a website powered by Kotex. It is an amazing site specifically designed and dedicated to all women.  You can access personalized content for your entertainment and information on this site.

About Kotex

Kotex is a popular feminine hygiene brand that was introduced to the public in the early 1920’s. Since then, they continue to research, produce and introduce to the market the perfect range of pads.

All of the Kotex pads are unscented to avoid using artificial fragrances. Hence, they effectively remove the need for chemical additions. Kotex products also have an integrated a dual-layer core that absorbs fluid quickly and locks it deep in the pad to help you stay dry at all times.

All Kotex pads are enveloped in specially designed pouch wraps. These pouch wraps enables you to keep the pad clean before using it and to dispose of it properly in a clean and discreet fashion.

Kotex products as designed for you to provide you trust, security and protection so you can stay confident and comfortable all day and all night.

Complete online resource for makeover ideas

The Website’s Content

The content of TheMakeover is divided into different categories. These are:

• Articles
• Products
• Gifts

The informative and articles you can read on this website fall under these categories or subject areas:

• Your Makeover – all about hairstyle, makeover and beauty trends

• Entertainment – the latest in Hollywood and fashion industry

• Relationships – this include articles in romantic and filial relationships and friendships

• Fashion – all about freestyle and the hottest trends in fashion and styles to watch out for

• Body and soul – this include Body Rock, Love yourself and Menstrual cycle

You can also shop for various Kotex feminine hygiene products on this site. You can also get great freebies and gifts from this website as well.

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