Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cloud Nine Teas – An Online Tea Trader And Specialist

Tea is among the beverages many people prefer to drink these days. And if you are a tea-lover, it is a smart idea for you to purchase varieties of tea online. Cloud Nine Teas is among the most reliable online suppliers today.

About Cloud Nine Teas


Cloud Nine Teas is among the most trusted online tea traders and specialists these days. The company was founded in October 2012 by Peter Micic and Damien Kinney. They strongly believe that tea is a community which stretches to all corners of the planet and that individuals are very passionate about the teas they love to drink.

Cloud Nine Teas has a passion for stories which inform, entertain and provide content which is not found anywhere on the web. Also, they are very committed to providing various perspective about tea and exploring more on certain topics. 

They are aware that online tea stores have certain limitations. Although it is not a virtual teahouse, they can send samples for you to try. Moreover, you can follow that up with any tips or information that you will need in order to refine your own making of tea.

Products They Offer


Pu’er Tea  – They are very dedicated to providing only the best Pu’er teas from Yunnan. Hence, you are assured that you will get high quality teas when you order from them online. They have spent lots of time travelling southwest Yunnan to source their teas and are very proud to say that they have found several sought-after teas on the planet. They see all their carefully-sourced teas as very much alive. So today, they offer premium Pu’er teas for 15-20% cheaper than other premium tea sellers around the world.

Yunnan Black Tea – Similar with Pu’er teas, they also offer premium Yunnan black teas for 15-20 % less than other tea sellers worldwide.

Oolong Tea – They have finally decided to stock a certified, premium organic Oolong tea from Taiwan. This tea is lightly roasted. When steeped, it will have a pale yellow colour. Apart from that, it has a faintly sweet aftertaste.

Tea Wares – You can brew your chosen tea in style with their offered unique tea accessories. Take note though that their wide range of accessories are not yet being offered in their store but is coming soon.

If you need additional assistance when it comes to selecting which tea to purchase or perhaps you have any concerns regarding tea wares, tea preparation and the like, you can contact them directly. Their contact details can be viewed at

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