Monday, July 27, 2015

Porticos – The Leading Provider Of Product Design & Development Services

The value that Porticos brings to their clients extends beyond mechanical product design. They provide complete design solutions by leveraging a comprehensive network of partners specializing in software, hardware, manufacturing, and prototyping. Indeed, when it comes to product design and development services, Porticos is among the best providers nowadays.

About Porticos


In 2003, Greg Patterson, Kevin Carpenter, and Sean Ahr founded Porticos. They were all practicing mechanical engineers with background in product development during that time. They met at Sony Ericson Mobile Communications.

Since they share similar enthusiasm for innovation, they decided to incorporate, and the mission for the  company was very clear - “Turn the vision of the client into a successful product, and do it better than anyone else.”

The company was very fortunate to attract attention of some significant clients. Since then, they have designed products for several huge companies worldwide. Moreover, they continue to pursue new opportunities in various markets. They highly emphasized that whenever the opportunity arises, they give special attention to projects which are very hard to categorize – these include fluid devices, firefighting equipment, and fuel cells.

Services They Offer


Product Innovation – They encourage design and product inventions with creative concepts as well as expert mechanical engineering strategies.

Technical Feasibility – They create engineering solutions for technically difficult designs and products.

Product Development – They develop new products with creative design solutions, patented new technologies and strategies, and expert mechanical engineering techniques.

Industrialization – Transforming excellent ideas into great products.

Verification – They test, assess, or even review concepts or products in order to verify project factors such as design, cost, and feasibility.

Engineering Analysis – They apply different engineering principles towards the study of design, product, system or mechanism so as to test or perhaps improve the operation.

Supplier Support – They give their support to products that rely on the supply and organization of intricate, custom or high quality product components.

Quality Support – They support their clients as they work on production details or perhaps focus on quality control. 

What Makes Them Unique?


  • Their focus is to become the product development company that will provide clients with complete design solutions.
  • They have shared enthusiasm for innovation. They say that there is always a better way.
So if you are searching for a product design and development company focusing on bringing creative solutions to clients, consider checking them out at

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