Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Granny Flat Engineers – Building Affordable Housing for All Australians

Granny flats or small homes are seen as the affordable solution to address housing needs in Australia. It is considered as the key to solving soaring densities issues and the answer to shortage of supply on primary dwellings. Expanding families build granny flats in their backyard space to create more space and accommodate every member.

Granny Flat Engineers

One company that provides building services in Australia is Granny Flat Engineers. They believe in affordable housing for all Australians and as such they pride themselves of building quality and affordable granny flats or small houses with no compromise on style, features & mod cons.

Your Granny Flat Plans and Designs

Whether you want to build granny flats, small homes and houses, the team at www.grannyflatfinder.com.au will provide you tailored solution straight from the experts not a contractor. From in house engineers, in house builders & designers they have experts to build your home project. With their countless years of experience, the company can surely deliver great results.

Their expertise includes all projects from granny flats, small homes, renovations, interior design, cabins, pergolas to large full scale luxury home projects. The company has a complete solution backed up with our full Project Portfolio that is available upon request.

Granny Flat Prices And Benefits

For as little as $69,900, you have a fully built flat. You can also avail of finance options that allow you to pay as low as $85 per week. This is a smart financial decision because you can recuperate flat prices in a number of ways. You can rent them out and earn income, you can reduce your taxable income, avoid land tax and other fees.
Aside from gaining profit from your granny flats, these small homes also add value to your property. In fact, these are more affordable option compared to moving into a new residential home.

The FAQ page

Get answer to your questions on this page. Some answered questions are as follows:

Am I allowed to build a granny flat on my property? If yes what channels of approval should I follow?
What size of granny flat can I build?
What sort of inclusions do I get with my granny flat?
Does Modular One Australia build kit homes or custom designed granny flats?
How many granny flats can I build in my backyard?
What if I live on a battle axed block, can I still build a granny flat?
Can I attach my granny flat to my existing house?
What if I had to accommodate disabled or elderly people?
How long is the construction period?

Granny flats Sydney Builders

Trust a fully licensed, insured and accredited company like Granny Flat Engineers to build your granny flats. On your new building project, enjoy a free consultation and listen to their advice. The experts here will help guide you through what can be a complicated process with most other builders & their various contractors. For more info, visit www.grannyflatengineers.com.au


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