Thursday, June 25, 2015

Getting To Know The Gourmet Deli Co 1762 And Loving What They Can Offer

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If you are in Dubai and would love to experience food at its best, try The Gourmet Deli Co 1762. Just their name alone, you can already imagine mouth-watering delicacies but that’s not all of it. Their site is flooded with delectable delicacies you can’t imagine finding it in Dubai. Start your search now and you will get to enjoy not only food at its best, but also Dubai’s best.

What Is The Gourmet Deli Co 1762

Otherwise known as 1762, this food catering business is causing a huge havoc in the food industry in Dubai. Established by food lovers themselves, they have grown to be one of the best restaurants in Dubai and the best catering services. From a team of two people on their first venture, the Appetite, they are now a team of more than a hundred and became one of the best that offers catering services in the UAE. They are popularly known for their 1762 sandwich and if you are wondering why it is making rounds on the net as well as in the UAE these days, you better try it.

What You Can Find On Their Site

Visiting their site which by the way is carefully laid out to entice all the food lovers out there, you will find a lot of what they can offer to spice up your day and fill your tummies. They have fast web page load time so you don’t have to wait that long to search what you are looking for. Some of the categories you will see are the ones listed below.

1. Specials. They have daily specials that are posted on their site to regularly update their clients. There are daily salad specials, soup of the day, quiche, and sandwich of the day. You can also visit their Twitter or Facebook page to keep track of their daily offerings.

2. Deli Menus. 1762 is rich with unique menus. They have everything from soups, gourmet sandwiches, pies, and quiches, to salad concoctions, and cakes.

3. Catering. 1762 other than being a restaurant also offers catering services. In fact, it is considered one of Dubai’s leading catering companies that can offer unique menus depending on your needs. You can check out their menus from their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page.

4. Blog. Their site also has a blog section loaded with articles that are rich in content for your daily reading and learning. You can learn tips and facts about the catering industry through the blog section.

How To Contact And Take Advantage Of 1762

To contact 1762, you only have to call the number written on the top most corner of their site. You can also place your order through filling out your online enquiry form. They have coordinators who know how to organize the perfect solution for your needs. Just remember to confirm and finalize your order before your event.

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