Monday, May 25, 2015

Why Choose To Work With BPI Building and Pest Inspections Today

Building & Pest Inspections Pty Ltd (BPI) was founded by Larry Ryan in 1999 when he developed a building and timber pest inspection and reporting system that yielded concise, thorough, and user-friendly reports.

BPI Profile

Before founding BPI Building & Pest Inspections, Larry spent 18 years in the building and timber pest industries. He was actually an award winning builder. After it was founded, BPI has since become among the fastest growing Building & Pest Inspection franchise in Australia.

They provide a totally impartial and confidential Building & Timber Pest Inspection service. It is also worth note-taking that they do not have any direct affiliation with real estate agents or even with pest control operators. So as an independent consultant, they will act for you to make sure that all diagnostic and rectification procedures are cost-efficient and practical. Also, all their consultants have Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance as per the Building Services Authority.

Their main aim is to provide a very prompt service. The reports can actually be express posted, emailed or faxed directly to you in order to avoid any delays.

Inspection Services They Offer

Building Inspection – This will help you make an informed decision in relation to the overall state of your home as opposed to a property of same age and construction. The inspection will cover all areas of the property which provide reasonable access include the interior, the subfloor, the roof void, the roof exterior, the exterior and the site.

Pest Inspection – This will determine the presence of wood destroying insects like borers, wood decaying fungi, and termites. They make use of Thermal Camera Technology in order to detect these insects. Though the Thermal Scan is not a part of the Australian Standard, this is considered a very worthwhile extra for peace of mind.

Builders Warranty Inspections – This focuses on uncompleted defects or omissions identified during the original handover inspection. Also, this reports and documents any added defects that have arisen since completion of the dwelling, which might include both major and minor defects. The inspection will reveal any important issue that might exist and that might need to be addressed and rectified by the builder as part of the Builder’s obligation under the statutory warranty period.

Special Purpose Inspections – This is a smart way of protecting your interests before building works begin. When damage claims happen from an adjacent property because of building or construction works, you have independent, expert evidence to support your position.

Other inspection services they offer will include Pool Safety, Mould, and Asbestos Inspections. You can learn more about them along with the different services they offer by reading on

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