Friday, May 8, 2015

Proposal Boutique – The Go-To Team For Wedding Proposals In Dubai

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If you have been thinking about popping that magical question, “Will you marry me?” to your girlfriend but don’t have any idea how to do it, you’re just in luck because there are proposal boutiques that can take care of your needs. They are called proposal planners.
Proposal planners are like event coordinators only that this time it’s not just the usual events that they are organizing but a very intimate romantic wedding proposal. They specialize in wedding proposals so they are the go-to people when it comes to wedding proposals. With their experiences, they can help any person come up with creative proposal ideas, locations, negotiate rates and vendors, hire photographers, caterers, videographers, and anything that is needed to run a successful wedding proposal.

About Proposal Boutique

One that is exceedingly showing great proposals is Proposal Boutique. Proudly owned by Caroline Garvey, she has helped a lot of couples in getting the most anticipated proposal so exciting. Having experienced a well-planned wedding proposal herself, she intends to share her story and let all the couples experience a wonderful proposal through her creative ideas.

Proposal Packages

Because Caroline knows that individuals have different wedding proposal preferences, she created different Dubai proposal packages. There’s the Option 1 proposal which is called Your Personalized Proposal Ideas. Through this option, you can take advantage of two personalized proposal ideas that will be unique to you. There’s also the Option 2 package which is called Your Idea + customized rate. This is perfect for individuals who know what they want but need someone to set it up for them. Lastly, there’s the Option 3 which is called Personalized Proposal Package + customized rate. This package is the complete package which includes package 1 and 2. All these are found at

How Proposal Boutique Can Help

If you are not in Dubai but is still interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, Proposal Boutique also caters London, Paris, and New York area. For those that are still waiting for their partners to propose, they can also drop a hint to your partner without your partner knowing. They can simply send him a gentle reminder. Perhaps your partner just needs a little push to go through with the proposal.

A proposal should be memorable so it should be well-planned. If you have a lot in your plate right now, this is quite impossible to accomplish. However, with a proposal planner, you and your partner may just have the beginning of the best days of your lives.

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