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Hisham Wyne - Providing You With Quality Content You Want And Need

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Content plays a huge role in how your product or service will fare in the market. It is considered the king. If there’s no content, success will be so hard to grasp. For this reason businesses will need a very good content to attract customers. If you are looking for one, head to

Who is Hisham Wyne?

Hisham Wyne

Hisham Wyne ofDubai is a lot of professionals rolled into one. He is a copywriter, content specialist, emcee, presenter, keynote speaker and many more. As a freelance copywriter in UAE, he has helped a lot of businesses create engaging content for multiple brands including global brands such as Intel, Samsung, HTC, Harley-Davidson, Dubai Properties Group, Acer, LinkedIn, Unilever, etc. be it traditional, online, or social media. Being a content consultant, he has also helped these brands communicate effectively to their target market. He also writes blogs, features, press releases, social media plans, app content, business case studies, annual reports, etc. Indeed, he is a lot of professions rolled into one.

With his experience, he also worked with some of Dubai’s best agencies. He helps create compelling content and can cater even to the most demanding client. During big occasions like gala dinners, activations, training conferences, etc., he also plays an important role as he helps host such events. He acts as an emcee, presenter, or keynote speaker. He also does interviews on C-level decision makers and these are published on his case studies.

What his customers are saying about him

what clients say about Hisham

Since the start of his career, Hisham has had a lot of good feedback from customers he has worked with. He is known for being consistent in his work. He works through PR and journalistic copy excellently that clients can only get happy that they chose him. He also works his magic on content for social media updates. He understands what the customer needs and transforms it into a great idea that the clients can work with. He is also on time so clients don’t have a hard time working with him. Because of his great work and excellent work ethics, he is constantly the default choice for most of his clients that he has already worked with.

Through his user-friendly website, you will get a glimpse of who Hisham Wyne is, what he does, and how his customers see him. You can also browse through all the blogs that is posted on the side or watch the CEO interviews he has done and gain a useful insight from it. 

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