Sunday, May 3, 2015

BrandMail – Turning Strangers Into Customers & Customers Into Friends

Establishing an online business today is becoming hard with the emergence of new technologies along with the very competitive online market arena. Experts say that you can successfully grow your business if you bring Web, Social, SMS, and Email all together. BrandMail can be of great help.

About BrandMail

BrandMail are among the experts you can get help from in terms of efficient email marketing. They are among the highly recommended email marketing experts since they can indeed turn strangers into customers and customers into friends.

They actually offer easy to send Australian email marketing service that will power up your email and SMS marketing.  They can greatly help you in setting smart automation for you to gain the most from your marketing budget along with every SMS and email you send.

Services They Offer

Custom Email Design – Enjoy the hottest, mobile-ready, and engaging responsive email design that will get you noticed. Standing out is what they actually do. They give you an unfair advantage over the competition as well as show you how it is done.

Video Email Marketing – In Australia, Video Email Marketing is Live. Instantly, with this service, you can actually deliver your video emails to your list, playing directly within the email client.

Article Writing Services – Regardless of what your topic or perhaps level of expertise, they deliver one-off articles or ongoing articles for your venture.

BrandMail Features

Email Marketing – Experts emphasized that contacting your customers’ regular emails will increase leads and retention. With their offered custom email design, you can just add your message, drag and drop your images and hit send.

SMS Marketing – Keep in touch with your clients everywhere. They are indeed among the few companies in Australia having a fully integrated SMS, social messaging and email service.

Social Marketing – They can help you in extending your email into social media and in turning your “Likes” into paying customers. With a single click, it can help your customers share as well as follow your marketing with their friends on various social media sites. Indeed, every time you send an email, you can find new customers.

Lifestyle Marketing – Save time and money by letting the service take the strain. BrandMail can automatically send one or even a series of emails to your customers and get them ready for a sale.

Centralized Marketing – With a corporate account, you can make marketing easy for your stores, branches, or franchises.

Integrated Marketing – With this feature, you can reduce the time you spend on marketing and administering. Also, you can connect your marketing database to your website, practice management, CRM, and web store as well as remove the manual labour from your marketing.

Event Management – BrandMail will help you keep the event management process simple, straightforward, and powerful.

Real Time Reporting – All you have to do is to hit send and watch your customers clicking and buying live. Indeed, your easy-to-read dashboard will show you what is working and what is not.

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