Tuesday, May 26, 2015

BPI Building And Pest Inspection – Gladstone: Helping Property Investors Make The Right Decision

leading building and pest inspection experts in Gladstone

Investing in any type of property is seldom a cheap venture. Even if you manage to find the most affordable house or flat, this property would usually still need to undergo some minor or major repairs or renovations and as such, you will be shelling out some extra money for all of these to be done, in addition to all the dues you need to pay the owner or landlord. Or you may be asked to pay a price that’s really low because there are some hidden pests and structural problems that will come out once you have settled in your new home; hence giving you additional headaches and expenses since you will have to pay for such problems to be addressed properly.

These problems can be avoided when you get help from trusted building and pest inspection specialists before you invest in your new property.

What Do Building And Pest Inspection Specialists Do?

Building and pest inspection specialists are fully trained and qualified to skilfully examine all the areas and systems or features present inside and outside a property. They will use only the most up-to-date equipment during the inspection process and they will literally leave no stone unturned. After the evaluation process, you will receive a detailed inspection report from the inspector. You can then use this report to help you decide on whether you should or should not invest in the property.
trusted building and pest inspection experts in Gladstone

Introducing BPI Gladstone

Building and Pest Inspection (BPI) – Gladstone is owned and managed by Andrew Howard. He serves as the chief inspector as well. He is a fully licensed building inspector and licensed pest technician. He is also a licensed and insured builder.

Andrew has carried out in more than 2,000 professional building and pest inspections throughout his career and is very dedicated to providing only the most professional services and very precise detailed reports that are easy to read and understand

BPI Gladtsone’s main office is located at 33 Hill Crescent, Gladstone. The firm offers their services to areas found in and near the Gladstone area such as Barney Point, Clinton, Glen Eden, Iveragh, Many Peaks, River Ranch, Taragoola and West Stowe, among others.
reputable building and pest inspection experts in Gladstone

 BPI Gladstone’s Services

BPI Gladstone carries out professional pre-sale and pre-purchase building and pest inspections. After each inspection process, you will get one or more of the following, depending on your requirements:

• Building and pest inspection report
• Pest inspection report
• Building inspection report
• Handover results
• Tax depreciation schedules

Get more details about the company, their offered services and the areas they cover by visiting www.buildingandpestinspectionsgladstone.com.au.

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