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A Review On – Your Weatherboard Cladding Builder And Supplier

Improving the exterior appeal of your property is another way to boost its value.  To address your wall renovation and construction needs, there are several options that suppliers offer. Most homeowners opt for wall cladding. Vinyl in particular is an excellent choice of material as it provides multiple benefits. And when it comes to the supplier, one of the most reliable is Vinyl Cladding Professionals.

This family owned company specializes in the supply and installation of vinyl weatherboards throughout Victoria.  The company is Registered Building Practitioner and it carries out works for new homes and renovations.  Vinyl Cladding Professionals has the solution for your external wall cladding needs

Benefits of Vinyl Wall Cladding

Vinyl weatherboards are known for their durability, noise reduction, and good insulation. Using these materials for your housing insulation not only adds appeal to your property but also allows you to help save energy. With the green campaign worldwide to combat the environmental challenges the world is facing, installing appropriate insulation in your walls and ceilings can prevent the escape of hot and cold air in your home. This means you can help reduce and maximize your energy use by using energy efficient products like vinyl for home renovation and construction. 

Vinyl weatherboards are available in range of colors, designs and textures.  They are easy to install and are maintenance-free. You can get a lifetime warranty from manufacturers.

Types of Vinyl Weatherboards

  • Cambridge – this gives your home a modern stylish look. With its smooth texture and low-gloss finish, you will have a maintenance free exterior. It helps you save energy at the same time quality & durability is guaranteed.
  • Cedarline – this is known for its outstanding durability and traditional weatherboard styling.  It provides exceptional looks with the benefit of a no-maintenance exterior. When professionally installed, it reduces your heating and cooling costs as it boost your home’s energy efficiency by up to 20%.
  • Insulplank – this provides beauty and thermal efficiency. Its authentic wood-grain texture gives your home a freshly-painted wood look.
  • Sentry – this is an acrylic coated vinyl cladding. It comes in distinctive colors that stand the test of time and will set your home apart.
  • Vertical cladding – this is an excellent choice for infills, high roof gables, second storey additions, and other hard to maintain areas in your home.
  • Board & Batten – this is a classic finish vertical cladding profile. This  blends well with stone, brickwork, or timber construction.
  • Roof Gables – vinyl vertical or horizontal cladding is ideal on this part of your house as it is difficult to maintain. With vinyl cladding, this area will no longer require regular painting.
  • Eaves – this is ideal for the eaves linings in your house such as ceiling linings, porches, carports, verandahs.

Weatherboard Cladding Information

The right weatherboard cladding supplier can secure all the benefits that this external home renovation has to offer. is the website to visit to get weatherboard cladding information for architects and designers, builders, and homeowners.

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