Sunday, April 5, 2015

XWave Media Dubai – Your Best Partner In Building Customer Loyalty Nowadays

The emergence of new technologies such as the Internet and mobile devices has altered the marketing landscape nowadays. More and more business owners are already establishing their ventures online due to the increasing number of online users. It is a fact that most people these days are taking advantage of the convenience of online shopping – they buy what they need and want online, and in just a couple of days, their orders are already in their hands. So if you are among the business owners wanting to establish and promote their ventures online, consider getting help from XWave Media Dubai.

About XWave Media

XWave Media is among the experts you can get help from when it comes to creating meaningful engagement between brands and consumers through brand content, brand activation, and integrated media. They can surely help you in conveying your story and in generating many memorable experiences for your clients via their wide range of multi-channel solutions.

You must be aware that they approach their clients individually. To fully understand the communication objectives, target audience insights, and long-term engagement vision is their first step. After which, they create a customized solution with the use of the latest innovative designs, technologies, tools, and trends. They guarantee that the result of such is a very meaningful engagement. Certainly, your investment will be worthwhile.

What They Do

Digital Strategy & Innovation – They will review your digital and social media presence and analyze across all channels even when your market creates new ones. After which, they will analyze the impact of such channels to your brand as well as perform a personalized digital strategy, adapting to the latest trends. They will set-up objectives and KPIs for it to accelerate growth and create great success to brands in today’s digital world.

3D Video Projection Mapping – This is their specialization and their core offering. They use only the latest in-house technologies in projection so as to come up with innovative as well as imaginative projection solutions for advertising, shows or events.

Event Production & Solutions – They create opportunities for guests at your shows so as to create, play and share with their range of event solutions. They have created turnkey products which can turn your event towards a memorable brand experience like the DigiWall, Interactive tables, PhotoBox, and Interactive RFID Facebook terminals. Upon request, they can come up with bespoke products that can best suite your brand and occasion.

Interactive & Digital Content – The only reasons why individuals interact with a brand is because of good innovations and ideas which will bring the brand to life. In order to connect your brand with your clients, they will develop dedicated high engagement experiential content with the use of their range of mobile, outdoor, web, and interactive applications.

Augmented Reality –This has become among the hottest new advertising trends with most of the brands nowadays. They are very happy to create your AR campaign regardless of whether it is device based or live event.

Social Media Management – They will take care of your social media presence – from set-up to maintenance to long-term planning.

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