Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Perth Renovation Group: Your Partner In Kitchen, Bathroom And Home Renovation

For homeowners, renovation is an important task they need to accomplish in order to ensure that their house can provide them with comfort and relaxation. Renovation also allows homeowners to create new and unique features in their house that can make it more appealing. And, it also helps them make their lifestyle better. With all these, homeowners need to call in experts who can help them. In Australia, there are lots of renovation experts who can assist you, but Perth Renovation Group stands out in this niche.

Facts About Perth Renovation Group

•    Perth Renovation Group is a boutique company that specialises in high quality renovation projects.
•    Perth Renovation Group is an environmentally sustainable and work safe conscious company and only uses contractors who are verified, registered and fully insured.
•    Project planning and delivery processes adhere to the strictest systems to ensure that their projects run smoothly and their clients are regularly consulted.

Why Perth Renovation Group Is the best renovation partner

As of today, Perth Renovation Group is one of the leading kitchen, bathroom and home renovation company in Australia. The company also ensures that all your needs are catered to. Aside from that, the company also presents the following features.

1.    Perth Renovation Group uses a variety of contractors that they have known for years, but the company assures clients that they will only ever need to deal with PRG staff if they ever have questions or are unsure.
2.    Right from the first phone call, customers know what to expect from Perth Renovation Group and are advised straight away if their budgets and requirements fit within the company’s project scope. The company answers all your renovation questions as experts understand that not everyone are seasoned renovators.
3.    Perth Renovation Group uses your existing house plans as a blueprint when they redesign your home, kitchen or bathroom. If these are not available, the company conducts an onsite check measure. Using CAD software, Perth Renovation Group generates various renovation options to ensure that the most functional design is tailored towards your needs.

Perth Renovation Group’s “Subdivide Your Block” Service

Subdividing your block can generate value from your property. Subdividing your block can help you secure other investments. To provide the most effective service, Perth Renovation Group uses a flexible service.

Stage 1 – Subdivision Approval

The process starts by confirming the subdivision potential of your block. The company will inform you about the process, timeframes and potential costs, then follow up with a fixed quote for achieving subdivision approval.

Stage 2 – Creating New Titles

Perth Renovation Group can help you liaise with all government authorities on their respective conditions and ensure that clearances are achieved to their satisfaction.

Stage 3 – Building Your New Home

Some customers only want new titles and a vacant block of land. They can then sell it and profit from the subdivision. If you want to take it one step further and build a house on your new lot, Perth Renovation Group can help you.

In case that you want to know more about Perth Renovation Group, you can visit them at www.perthrenovationgroup.com.au to renovate kitchens, bathrooms and homes properly.

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