Tuesday, April 28, 2015

AZ Net Marketing: Your Partner In Online Dental Success

As of today, almost all businesses make use of the internet. By using the internet, business owners can entice clients easily and more efficiently. It also helps business owners advertise their services and solutions. And, the internet can also help improve business-client communication. With this said, more and more business owners and even professionals like dentists go online. When looking for companies that can help you advertise your dental services online, it is best to seek help from AZ Net Marketing.

What is AZ Net Marketing?

AZNetMarketing was formed in Scottsdale, Arizona by Mike Pedersen. It is a “hands-on” boutique dental marketing solutions firm with unchallenged customer support and response rates. AZ Net Marketing has over 30+ years of online internet marketing experience and has been building dozens and dozens of dental websites, ranking local dental and cosmetic practices, getting traffic, and converting that traffic into new patients.

What can AZ Net Marketing offer?

AZ Net Marketing will help you grow your database of potential clients to add even more revenue to your bottom line with their reliable and effective services. Listed below are some of the services AZ Net Marketing offers.

Free Dental Marketing Report – This service is created to provide you with a free report     to give you enough information to attract new patients. After which, AZ Net Marketing experts will provide a 15 minute Strategy Session on the phone to discuss your specific needs.

Dental Website Design – AZ Net Marketing has been building lead-generating websites for 12 years, and will create a dental website design. AZ Net Marketing offers all dental websites that are custom-designed using the Wordpress platform.

SEO For Dentists – This service helps your dental website to be found easily online. With this service, you can target popular terms that can attract dozens of new patients per month who are looking for a dentist in your city.

Video Marketing For Dentists – AZ Net Marketing can create a video marketing plan to get you seen as the authority in your locale. AZ net Marketing can completely create and optimize both your YouTube channel and every video to achieve high rankings, lots of views, and people taking action.

Dental Reputation Marketing – AZ Net Marketing has proprietary software that monitors all your reviews online. After which, experts will create your own private review system (on your dental website) that collects feedback from all your patients privately.

Content Writing For Dentists – Experts from AZ Net Marketing will write content for all your services like “teeth whitening”, “Invisalign”, “Cosmetic Dentistry”, “Adult Braces”, as well as produce regularly scheduled content to add to your website.

Why choose AZ Net Marketing

•    AZ Net Marketing will position your practice to be everywhere your prospect is looking, resulting in more inquiries and patients.
•    AZ Net Marketing will provide “customized dental marketing solutions” unlike the cookie-cutter marketing.
•    AZ Net Marketing will help you obtain more patients than you can handle.

In case that you want to know more about AZ Net Marketing, you can visit them at www.aznetmarketing.com to ensure your online dental success.

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