Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Site Review On CV Jedi – Your Professional Resume Writer In Perth

In any job application, a professional resume is the first element that hiring managers will judge you on. Is your resume accurately reflecting your skills and experiences that are both needed for the job you want? Seek help from resume writing services and let them evaluate this for you.

CV Jedi As Your Resume Writer

The consultants at CV Jedi understand exactly what employers are looking for because they have previous experience as recruitment consultants and hiring managers. This also enables them to extract the most important information that should appear in your application paper.

Whether you need a resume built from scratch or you have and existing resume that needs update, CV Jedi is your partner.  This consulting firm have serviced thousands of individuals and companies for about 15 years now.  CV Jedi has resume writers for Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and other locations standing by.

Resume Writing Services That CV Jedi Offers

This professional career consulting firm has services for individuals looking for assistance with the following:

Resume Writing – choose from Graduate Resume, Mid-Level Resume and Executive Resume Service. This category is based on the years of experiences you have. Gain competitive advantage even if you have limited job experiences. Should you need your resume built faster than the normal turn around service, they also offer rapid resume writing service.

LinkedIn Profile Writing – market yourself directly through this social media platform. Your LinkedIn profile is as effective as your resume. Get your account updated and display up-to-date career information.

Selection Criteria – formulate a clear, concise document that ticks all of the right boxes in selection criteria.

Interview Coaching – build more confidence in answering question in your interview. Practice answering the questions that are going to be asked.

Cover Letters – Highlight your critical experience. Purchase it together with your resume and you can get your covering letters at a discounted price.

If you are a business, this firm can help you with:

Outplacement/Redundancy Services – help your employees get back in to the workforce after a post redundancy. This service helps you maintain business brand by providing your staff guidance throughout their career transition period.

School/University Work Shops – this workshops helps attendees find their ideal job easier. Learn how to best present yourself and develop strategies so you can stand out in the competition.

Group Interview Coaching – maximize your chances of securing a job. The job search coaching program will help you create a strategic plan and train you to connect with recruiters.

Should you have questions, just click the “I’d like to make an enquiry” button or visit for more details about the services they offer. The site also has a lot of tips for job applicants. You may also want to check existing list of jobs on its FIFO page.

Read more about CV Jedi here.

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