Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Brighter And More Confident You Through WAIMA

martial arts training at WAIMA

With so many kids being bullied at school, your kid’s knowledge of self-defense can mean the difference between life and death. He can save himself from being a victim of bullying or save a victim from this unfortunate state. This is one of the main reasons why WAIMA or WA Institute of Martial Arts has been developed and built. Their aim is to help any kid develop his character as well as other life skills.

With a team of professional martial artists such as Graham Mcdonnell, Phil Britten, Andrew Richardson, Will Harvey, Terrence Cook, Briana Harris, and Rebecca Kitson, any parent can be confident that his child will grow to become a role model in the family as well as in the community.
Through a user-friendly website,, you will find out how they have helped changed lives. Actually, not only for kids but also for adults.

They offer different training such as the following.

1. Kids Martial Arts. With knowledge on how to defend their selves, you spare your child of being robbed of a happy and healthy childhood or worst an unsuccessful adult someday. The martial arts program of WAIMA can help the child develop the much needed confidence to put them in the right direction. To see what this is all about, you can even take advantage of their introductory lesson at no cost. Help your child become physically and mentally healthy through martial arts.

Martial Arts for Adults

2. Adults Martial Arts. With how evil people can be, it is self-assuring that you know some self-defense skills to defend you and your family. This is the reason why so many adults also take advantage of martial arts training. Unlike working out in a gym just to keep your body fit, here you will be assisted by experienced martial arts instructor to make the most of the training and improve your overall health. Also, many don’t find the pressure of learning as they enjoy the training while meeting other people who have the same goals as theirs.

Muay Thai Program

3. Muay Thai. WAIMA also offers Muay Thai program which provides different benefits such as getting you in real shape, increasing your core and leg strength, reducing your stress, increasing your libido, and other things. Through this program, you will be trained like a real fighter.

Other Programs

There are other programs that they offer like the ones listed below.
  1. Leadership development
  2. Strength and conditioning plus agility training
  3.  Motivational speaking and goal setting
  4. Self-defense workshops
  5. Working with sporting teams
  6. Bully defense workshops
  7. Bootcamps
  8. Team building

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