Sunday, March 1, 2015

Unity4: The Leading Partner Of Contact Centre Services

When it comes to businesses, communication is one of the essential factors that help improve sales and profits. With this said, it is essential for business owners to look for competent and skilled employees who can address inbound and outbound calls. In order to efficiently cater to this need, one of the best options is to outsource call centre services from reputable companies like Unity4.

Unity4 is a company that provides advanced contact centre capabilities, from technology to people, at home or in the office, powered by the cloud, driven by innovation. As of now, the company has two major divisions Unity4 Contact Centre Outsourcing and Unity4 Contact Centre Technology.

Facts about Unity4

•    The company was established in 2000. In 2006, the company has released the RapportCMS technology to the market as a standalone offering.
•    The company is debt-free, which means the company does not take any external venture funding, private equity or market capital.
•    The company has over 650 competent and skilled workers who can cater to your needs worldwide.
•    The company maintains its internal quality assurance program (U4RMS). It is also an OFCOM, ACMA, ATA, ADMA and DMA compliant

Services Of Unity 4

Contact Centre Outsourcing

This service concentrates on 5 key areas:

1.    Telephone sales – Product sales, order taking, customer acquisition, customer reactivation and lead generation.
2.    Customer service – General equity handling, compliant handling, database management, customer activations, order and booking taking, and help desk.
3.    Fundraising – Regular giving acquisition, donor acquisition, regular giving upgrades and management, and merchandise requests.
4.    Research fieldwork – Social and government, consumer lifestyle, business to business, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction.
5.    Disaster Recovery – Product recall, business continuity, emergency staffing and public relations hotline.

Contact Centre Technology

As of now, the company’s contact centre technology features the RapportCMS. It is an end to end contact centre platform that offers all key call centre tools. This technology functions with regard to routing and dialling.

Why Choose Unity4

There are a lot of companies that offer the same solution, why choose Unity4?

Great people – The company has over 650 employees all over the world. With this, you are sure that all your needs are catered by a quality telephone team that communicates your brand theway Unity4 do.

Powerful technology – The company’s RapportCMS provides the best capabilities your business needs such as 100% call recording with online access, secured data storage, SFTP transfer with PCI compliance, and outbound and inbound services.

Total transparency – All data is available to clients in real time basis including live monitoring and recordings.

Creative thinking – Unity4 professionals have vast experience in marketing, advertising, direct comms, product recalls and rand positioning.

Strong governance – The company follows strict governance in terms of state, local and national regulations. Thus, you are sure that their services are legal.

If you want to know more about Unity4, you can visit them at to find the best contact centre service that can make your business more successful.

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