Friday, March 27, 2015

Toyota – The Leading Supplier Of Forklifts And Other Machinery Worldwide

When it comes to automobile textile machinery, electronics, and others things, Toyota is one of the most trusted companies worldwide. In fact, it has sold over two million units to customers in its sales and service facilities in about ninety countries all over the globe. It is a brand created to fulfill and satisfy the expectations of customers.

Built in 1926, it has gone a long way in manufacturing quality products. When it comes to forklift suppliers in UAE, Toyota is the global leader.

Different Kinds Of Forklifts Offered

1. Internal Combustion Forklifts. These are LPG/ gasoline dual fuel engine powered equipment that takes pride in offering various load capacities. It is created for light and medium duty material handling. It is best used when loading and unloading goods, stacking, and horizontal transport functions as it increases productivity.

2. Electric Powered Forklifts. Whether it be an indoor or outdoor operation, these counterbalanced trucks are very suitable. It is best used for loading and unloading goods, stacking, line feeding, order picking, and horizontal transport. Toyota takes pride in this high performance electric forklift.

3. Engine Powered Towing Tractor. This equipment is specially designed to display remarkable maneuverability to any kind of work environment. It is created to meet professional needs where speed is much needed for traveling, towing, and turning.

4. Reach Truck. For companies that run mostly on indoor setups such as warehouse, distribution centers or even cold store environments that need horizontal transportation and stacking, this reach truck is very suitable. Companies can take advantage of its offered benefit which is high acceleration and exceptional drivability for maximum pallet movement. It is best used for block stacking, drive-in racking, and long load handling.

5. VNA Truck. Also known as Very Narrow Aisle Truck is suitable for work environments that have narrow aisles. For companies that fully optimize their storage space use, this is the perfect truck. These trucks come in two kinds; the man-down trucks and the man-up trucks.

Why choose Toyota?

These trucks and many more are found in the user-friendly site of Toyota at With a wide range of products created to meet your business needs, it can certainly ensure your business productivity and operator-friendliness, not to mention environment-friendliness since all its features are created to operate with low noise and vibration, cleaner exhaust emission, and are highly recyclable. With these features plus an easy to use website, no wonder, Toyota became a part of Fortune magazine’s list of world’s most admired corporations. 

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