Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Martelletti Contracting: Perth’s Leading Provider Of Various Tree Services

trusted tree contracting company in Perth

There are hundreds of different species of trees in Perth. Many of these tree species can be seen in popularly visited parks and other areas and of courses, in residential and even around commercial properties.

While Perth locals and even tourists may marvel at the beauty of the many trees present and seen around this beautiful city, you need to know that it also takes a considerable amount of time and effort from the part of the local government, different organizations and property owners to preserve and maintain the lovely state or condition of these trees and to make sure that they do not become health hazards or sources for accidents. These trees have to be inspected regularly to check for any presence of decays, cavities, pest infestation, deadwood and branch and trunk cracks. When any tree in Perth has any or more of these signs, it is high time to call in some tree experts.

About Tree Specialists 
Perth residents who need help with complex and hard chores that come with taking care of and preserving a tree should always seek help from qualified specialists. Arborists are tree specialists or surgeon who possesses all the relevant knowledge, skills and experience to diagnose different tree conditions and to carry out the necessary tasks that could best help improve the tree or be the most beneficial for the property owners.

Tree experts specialize in tree trimming, lopping, fumigation, and stump removal that most of the time, property owners can’t do by themselves, even if they hire tools and equipment to carry out such tasks. Arborists can carry out these tasks safely, completely and professionally since they are highly-trained and licensed to do so.
leading tree contracting company in Perth
Qualified Tree Contractors In Perth

There are several tree service providers in Perth that have qualified and reputable arborists. One of these companies is Martelletti Contracting.

Adam Martelletti established Martelletti Contracting Pty Ltd back in 2009 with the solitary aim of providing the best quality of earthmoving services in the region.  The firm frequently works with various government agencies, private and civil contractors and both residential and commercial property owners. The company is fully insured and as such, they are the best company to hire in terms of all your tree services or care requirements.

reputable tree contracting company in Perth

Martelletti Contracting’s Specialised Tree Services

Martelletti Contracting offers a variety of tree services. These services include:
• Tree removal
• Tree lopping
• Stump removal
• Stump grinding
• Mulching

You can get more details about Martelletti Contracting’s tree services and other areas of specialization on www.martelletticontracting.com.au.

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