Sunday, March 29, 2015

ExpressionCoffins.Com -- Helping You Make Your Goodbyes Beautiful

Goodbyes are one of the most difficult experiences in life. Why not? It's usually painful. The mere thought of not being able to see, to hold, nor to talk with someone you love hurts. How much more when a life is truly lost?

What is Expression Coffins?

Expression Coffins is a collection of custom picture coffins that are brought to you by Ashton Manufacturing, the leader in Australian coffin and casket supply since 1977 and also a sponsor of Australian peak funeral industry associations.

No words can express the grief of losing someone. ExpressionCoffins.Com recognizes this and so they thought of helping people make goodbyes at least beautiful with their state-of-the-art coffins. While one cannot celebrate a life that's lost, one can have a unique way of celebrating a life that's meaningfully lived. At, they aim to provide you great comfort at the most difficult time of your life. Most of their previous clients will affirm that through their Testimonials Page.

What are their Products and Services?

Pay a loving and fitting tribute for the memory of your loved one with beautifully handmade coffins or eco-friendly caskets.

Expression Coffins has a wide range of existing designs you can choose from. Check them through their Design Themes Page. There are natural imagery designs such as the beach, the lake, the sky, the mountain, the farm, the coral reef, and many more. There are also sporting team's colors as well as various hobbies like guitar, fishing, horse racing, stamp collection, and a lot more.

If you want to make your own design, check out their Design Your Own Page. By working closely with one of their team members, you'll be able to create a final artwork. Simply supply them with your own images such as a family picture from that memorable summer holiday at the beach, a wedding photo, a photo with a favorite pet, and so on. Discuss with them the ideas you want for your own customised Expression Coffin and a funeral director will be very accommodating to assist you during the whole process.

Why Choose Expression Coffins?

One of the best things about their products is that they are made through the latest eco-friendly technology. They are made from sustainable and renewable resource of pine FibreBoard and the inks used for achieving your desired artwork are all water-based. They are all suitable for both burial and cremation.

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