Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Diaryofabeautybanker.com – A Site Of Beauty And Content

If you are looking for the best beauty blog to follow, Diaryofabeautybanker would be a perfect choice. Owned by a self-confessed and shopping addict avid reader, Hazel, she knows how to cater to the needs of her followers. With a site that has a clean, flawless look anyone even without technical background would easily know how to navigate it. Anyone who is in need of beauty tips or makeup blogs can surely feel at home visiting the site.

About The Author

Based in Dubai, she is now followed by readers all over the world who need guidance when it comes to matters of makeup, fashion, and other style essentials. Having the passion to help anyone with beauty dilemma, she shares through the blog with all honesty the experiences she had with different beauty products. She shares how to use specific products as well as the pros and cons in using it. And she does not keep anything to herself but shares whatever she has experienced and even shares in detail.

She also shares shops that offer discounts in certain beauty products. In most cases where she knows the discount code, she shares it in her blog also together with the validity of the discount code, the website they can get it from, and the shipping arrangements. All you need to do is scroll down her site and click “Read More” to know more about the products she has tried.

What The Website Offers

The nice thing about the site is it has more to offer starting from the different categories that are up on the site. There’s about fashion, fragrance, lifestyle, makeup, random, and skincare. All you have to do is select one and what you’re looking to read about is just a click away. The posts are also placed on archive for an easier search option. You can choose from the ones posted in 2012 up to recent.

The site is also open for comments and suggestions hence, the comment box at the end of each post. The site also is social-media friendly as any reader can simply follow the blog through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and bloglovin.com. These social media icons are designed at the topmost part of the website to get easily seen by any reader.  

Also, the site design is consistent through all pages and the load time of each blog is also fast giving any reader a pleasant experience. Visiting beautybanker.com does not only get you a well-designed blog but also a site that is also rich in excellent content. It’s no wonder beauty banker makes thousands of followers every minute. 

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