Tuesday, February 10, 2015

REAPI – The Best Partner Of Real Estate Agents In Terms Of Professional Indemnity Insurance

A professional is defined as anybody who gives to another person services or advice of a skillful character based on an established discipline that might be considered professional. In any kind of endeavor, a professional can certainly help you out. However, you must be reminded that he or she is also a human so expect that he or she will commit mistakes from time to time. And if you are a professional, it is then wise for you to invest in professional indemnity insurance. When it comes to real estate, consider looking into REAPI now.


REAPI can be the best partner of real estate agents in Australia. It is powered by EAGLE Insurance Broker. It is headed by 2 experts, Michelle and Jennifer. Michelle started her career in the insurance industry more than 26 years ago. Indeed, her professional indemnity experience has been built working for the biggest insurance brokers in the industry. Her experience has actually extended to real estate agents and valuer’s when she became a Director of Crown Insurance Brokers. She actually brings a wealth of experience to the Team EAGLE.

Jennifer, on the other hand, moved to Australia from the United States in 2013. She handled commercial claims for large national accounts. She has been working in insurance claims since 1998. She is a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management holder and was licensed as an adjuster in 32 states in the U.S. She completed her certification in Auto Body Inspection. Today, she is enjoying learning more about Australian culture.

The Importance Of A Professional Indemnity Policy

A professional will have a special skill, which can be relied upon by other individuals. The law actually requires that the professional excise the required skill to an appropriate level expected by that profession. As mentioned earlier, professionals are also human, committing mistakes once in a while. Any injury, damage or loss that might arise from such mistakes would mean that an award must be given to the person who suffered injury, loss or damage. A Professional Indemnity Policy will aim to shield the assets of the professional in the event of a claim; thus, it makes sure that he/she will still be capable of performing his/her duties. Be reminded that every policy on the market is different; thus, you must compare each policy.

Why Choose REAPI?

  • Save Money – Their strong buying power will provide you with the best prices.
  • Best Cover – They can tailor-make policies just for you.
  • Save Time – From policies to claims, they will take care of everything.
  • Expert Advice – You will only be dealing with the experts.

For more information regarding REAPI along with the professional indemnity policy they offer, read on http://thewebsiteobserver.blogspot.com/2014/10/review-on-reapi-website-provider-of.html

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