Friday, January 16, 2015

Experiencing Heaven On Earth In The Villa Of Byron
It is undeniable that the recently concluded holidays have left a lot of us stressed out with all the preparations and shopping that we had to do. Bring that stress back to our work or school will make us less productive. If there is a perfect time to unwind, it would be just after the holidays where one can, in a way, recharge to face the rest of the year with renewed vigor. One of the most relaxing getaway places for this idea is The Villas of Byron, which offers its place for all types of guests whether you want to go alone, with your special someone, with a friend or group of friends, or with your whole family. 

Here are some of the best things you can find in this lovely spot: 

They Offer Private Villas

Whether you prefer to go by yourself, with a friend, with a group of friends, or with your whole family, the place is a great way to feel at home away from home. Their spacious villas are located in secluded areas and surrounded by gardens where you can truly feel relaxed and invigorated. They offer one-bedroom and two-bedroom villas that guests can choose from.

Undeniably Amazing Packages

If you do not have the time to plan your vacation or you are just not the type of person who is capable of planning a getaway, they offer packages they have already arranged to suit your vacation needs. They have Ladies Pamper Getaway, perfect for a bridal shower or just your regular "no boys allowed" weekend with your girls. They also offer Midweek Escape, which is the package to select when you want you and your loved one to spend some time alone with a whole lot of meditation and strengthening your bond. Their Cheeky Weekend Getaway promises lovebirds an unforgettable weekend. Finally, their Honeymoon Bliss package is full of romance and pampering. 

Incredible Services

Just like their packages, their services also bear witty names such as Pamper Menu where they will wine and dine guests like royalties, and their Hamper Menu where they promise food fit for the gods in a basket. Guests can also choose to enjoy a chef-prepared meal in their own villas with the In Villa Dining service. They also cater to Weddings and Events that their clients can plan with them. 

Truly, the Villas of Byron can provide you with most unforgettable experience with their promise of bliss, romance, tranquility, privacy, decadent and delicious feasts, and so much more. Check out for more information.

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