Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Southland Pest Control – The Best Provider Of Pest Control Service In California

Pest infestation can be a huge problem for residential and commercial building owners. Some of the pests that can be residing in your home or office will include ants, rodents, spiders, ticks, crickets, bedbugs, and more. If you are residing in California and you would want to get rid of these insects, consider looking into Southland Pest Control now.

About Southland Pest Control

Southland Pest Control is a locally owned company, providing residential and commercial pest control services in Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardo Counties. They highly boasts that their highly skilled and experienced technicians are licensed by the state of California’s Structural Pest Control Board. Also, they are trained regularly in the latest pest control technologies, safety practices, and EPA and State Regulations so that you, their clients, will receive safe, affordable, and fast solutions to your pest problems, regardless of whether it is small or large.

Southland Pest Control highly believes that any pest problem can be eliminated when its root cause is diagnosed accurately and treated aggressively. They do not believe that you must tolerate any level of pest infestation. They actually offer a wide range of pest control solutions along with DIY ideas and even some old homemade pest control solutions that you can employ.

Their Offered Services

Commercial Pest Control – When you are experiencing pest problems within your office, restaurant, theater, or school, these pest control experts can help you out. There is no job that is too big for them. Their pest professionals will come to your location to perform full inspection and treatment of your property. With their low-impact treatment along with discreet service, they can certainly get the job done without disruption your business.

Residential Pest Control – Homeowners need not to worry about their few uninvited guests of rodents or insects. With the Preventive Maintenance Program of Southland Pest Control, they will send a state licensed technician in order to inspect your property. After the problem is identified, their technician will deal with it by using a low-impact treatment solution.

Integrated Pest Management OR IPM Approach – What Is It?

Southland Pest Control is now providing integrated pest management, an environmentally sensitive approach to pest control that will rely on a combination of common sense practices. When this approach is used in conjunction with low impact pest control treatments, they can be very efficient at minimizing pests. This approach can actually be applied to both agricultural and non-agricultural settings like the garden, workplace, and home. Remember though that this approach is only a part of the battle in terms of controlling the pest population. Pests can further be eliminated from your residential or commercial building with regularly schedules pest control services. Learn more about Southland Pest Control now.

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